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Kimora Lee Simmons Tells Us Why Her Life Is So Fab

Kimora Lee Simmons says life is just fab. Credit: Angela Weiss, Getty
Life is fab for Kimora Lee Simmons.
In addition to running a successful fashion label, the former runway and fashion model is launching a skincare line this sprin...
The mom of three juggles a TV show, fashion lines and charity events.

Divorce pays off for Russell Simmons' kids

Often when a family splits up, the children suffer financially as well as emotionally. I can't speak for the emotional state of Ming Lee and Aoki Simmons, but their parent's divorce sure isn't hurting their little pocketbooks. According to an agreeme...

Trend alert: dressing like celebrities' kids?

Do you ever get the feeling that those who predict trends aren't actually seeing into the future as much as they are attempting to shape it? That is how I feel about this press release that excitedly exclaims that moms everywhere are rushing to dress...

Over-the-top Easter gift: diamond-encrusted chocolate egg

Still looking for that special item to include in your child's Easter basket? Why not consider the Diamond Stella Egg currently on display at La Maison du Chocolat in London. Yes, you'll have to travel to London to pick it up, but what's a little las...


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