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Wait it Out: Babies Born Before 39 Weeks Face Health Risks, Experts Warn

Credit: Getty Images You plan your work schedules, your vacations, your children's playdates, your weekend entertainment and pretty much every other event in your life, so why should it come as a surprise that you want you want to sche...More women are scheduling their baby's birth early, but doctors say that can be harmful to the infant.

Even 'Full-Term' Babies Born at 37 Weeks Face Health Risks, Study Finds

Waiting to deliver as long as possible significantly decreases risks for your newborn. Credit: Getty Trust us, we know how excruciating that last month of pregnancy can be. We waddled on long walks, bounced on exercise balls and ate pl...A baby born in the 37th or 38th week has a higher risk of dying in his or her first year than a baby born after 39 weeks.

Can Hypnobirthing Lead to Pain-Free Labor and Delivery?

Would you try hypnobirthing? Credit: Getty
The newest trend to hit the birthing education front is hypnobirthing, a technique that incorporates hypnosis into labor, the Wall Street Journal reports. The concept is a lot like using hypnosis for ...
You're getting very, very sleepy. You will feel no pain. Now, go deliver that baby.

Don't Cut the Cord on the Baby Too Soon, Study Warns

Study shows doctors may be clamping umbilical cord too soon. Credit: Getty Images
Some doctors may clamp off the umbilical cord a few minutes after a baby is born. Fresh research suggests that may not be such a good idea. Clamping off the...

Oh, Baby: More Hospitals Asking for Payment Before Childbirth

Nurses take care of newborn babies at a hospital in Taiwan. Some U.S. hospitals are asking for delivery payment up front. Credit: Sam Yeh, Getty Images
Before you pack a hospital bag for your baby's birth, be sure to call the hospital's bill...

Bradley, Lamaze or Mongan? How to Choose a Childbirth Class

Pregnant women spend nine months waiting for the moment when they'll make the trek to the hospital for the big delivery, but you can get a preview of the action at a childbirth class. ParentDish took a look at three of the most popular types of cla...

Best Pregnancy Books: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Catch up on your pregnancy reading with these top titles. Credit: Betsssssy, Flickr
In "The Godfather," they went to the mattresses. In pregnancy, you go to the books. And, since you've already got a lot on your mind, we did the work for you, bre...

Labor and Delivery: What You Need to Know

Labor and delivery, then hello baby! Credit: Getty Images
Labor and delivery are the final stages of pregnancy when a woman gives birth to a child. The process of labor and delivery typically begins about 38 weeks after conception or 40 weeks f...

Weisure Time, Trista Sutter, and Viral Video Dads - Links We Love

Is your Blackberry keeping you from your family? Photo: Is "weisure" (or a work during leisure lifestyle) getting in the way of family time? Some experts think that technology is making mixing work and play a little too easy. -- Lemond...

Where Should Dad Stand During Delivery?

Parenting comes with many, many questions. Most of them occur after the baby is born -- how do you change a diaper on an airplane, which restaurants don't care if you have spit up stains on your shoulder, and so on. But one question occurs on the day...

Share your birth story in six words or less

"Touch me again and I'll bite." If you had asked me -- in the middle of active labor -- to share my birth story, the above sentence would have summed it up nicely. But immediately afterward, with the product of that long, hard, messy, but life-cha...

Birth plans: Helpful or unrealistic?

I have a friend who is born to give birth. People have called her "strong," "amazing," "a great mother" after each of her labors for her ability to have natural childbirths with much more than a whimper. I can only wonder what they say about me. My l...


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