lactose intolerance 

Prescription for Milk Allergies? Baked Goods

Cooked milk, baked into muffins, could wipe out milk allergies in children faster than just avoiding milk products entirely. Credit: Getty Not all cures and remedies taste yucky, kids. For instance, you know what might help you get o...Researchers find Muffin Connection that may help kids overcome milk allergies.

Help! My Teenager Is Going Vegan

Dear Karla, My teenager daughter has decided to follow a group of her friends and skip out on all items that come from animal meat. I am OK if she cuts back a bit, but myself grew up with agriculture all around me, so am a bit confused. Because she ...

Kids feel sick after McDonalds? It might not be the fat

From Reuters:  McDonalds is apparently facing a few lawsuits because it allegedly misled the public.  It seems that the fast-food giant's famous french fries contain milk and gluten -- which previously, it claimed their french fries did not...


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