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Brain Scans May One Day Diagnose Autism

Technology may soon lead to autism discovery via scans. Credit: Getty Images
Someday soon a brain scan might be able to tell you why your child is obsessed with trains and incessantly quotes "The Simpsons."
He may have autism, and a...
Scans show differences in autistic brains.

Babies Adopted From Other Countries Have Trouble Speaking Canadian English, French

When babies are adopted from other countries, learning the Canadian forms of English and French can be difficult. Credit: Getty Images Cut babies some slack, eh? Speaking Canadian is tough. These are people who go out and about and c...New researchers oot aboot difficulty picking up language in Canada.

Best words of 2008

My daughter Sara turned four this past summer and still says some things in her own unique way. Like every kid her age, she has her own unique vocabulary. By this time next year, those special words will have melted away, wiped out by her increasing ...

Electronically eavesdropping on your toddler

Ok, admit it. When your first baby was born, you hovered constantly between him/her and the baby book of your choice. You noted each milestone (the first poop!) that was reached on time, and obsessed about those milestones that weren't reached within...

The birth of words

My 23-month old baby constantly surprises us with words he picks up. It is amazing to listen to his emerging vocabulary. This brings me to a study I recently saw in Child Development. A core task in language acquisition is attching or mapping words o...

When your child only says one word

Noodad shared with us this post about the tribulations of having a child who only says one word. His writes in the post about how his child says, "Mo." And only, "Mo." And how "Mo" has a wide variety of meanings. Basically, his son says, "Mo," whenev...

Dear 'Abby-Wabby' takes on baby talk

Dear Abby's weekend column shares reader views on baby talk and it appears this is yet another hot button topic for some parents. J.D. Griffioen shared some research in December supporting so called 'baby talk' or "parentese", the slower dr...

I don't think that means... what YOU think it means

I'm so jealous at you! says Everett. He's upset at his babysitter for not packing his Burgerville cards in their box. That's inconsable! he says angrily when his brother tries to eat his favorite DVD advertising insert (all the Thomas videos availabl...


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