DailyDish - The jokes you tell your kids stay with them

Be careful what sort of jokes you tell your kids - one joke can change their life completely....

Oh, snap! and other ways Everett makes me laugh

"Oh, snap!" said Everett. My head whipped around. "Where did you get that?" I asked, cracking up as quietly as possible. Turns out that Chicken Little says it (I was out while Everett watched the movie with his Aunt Erin). I think...

Out of the mouths of our babes: Powerpuff Girls and potty mouths

Everett loves the Power Puff Girls, and who wouldn't at age three? They're adventurous, they're zany, they have gigantic eyes that zap things. His babysitter loves them too, so they watch together, giggling over the strange and hairy antics. Today he...


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