Student Sues School District, Claiming Her Race Kept Her From Being Sole Valedictorian

Credit: Getty Images
Did an Arkansas school deny Kymberly Wimberly from serving as sole valedictorian because she is black?
Her rhyming name may sound a bit silly, but Wimberly, 18, is serious in her lawsuit against McGehee School D...
Lawsuit says black student was co-valedictorian even though she had highest GPA in the class.

California Mom Sues Nutella, Says Nutrition Claims Exaggerated

A California mom says she was shocked to learn Nutella isn't nutritious. Credit: Alberto Pellaschiar, AP
Shocking as this may sound, chocolate may not be the most healthful choice for your kid's breakfast.
Not surprised? California ...
Mom says Nutella's marketing claims are misleading.

Fruit Roll-Ups Sued Over Health Claims

Where's the fruit? Credit: *Micky, Flickr
Watch out, y'all -- the grocery store is a mighty dangerous place these days. First, those naughty folks at Kellogg claimed they could keep the common cold away with a little snap, crackle and pop,...

Opinion: Corporate America Still Hates Moms

Corporate America needs to get a clue when it comes to working moms. Credit: Getty Images
Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Charlotte Hanna recently filed a lawsuit against her employer, alleging that the firm pushed her out the door just whe...

Lawsuit Aims to Put End to Paddling as Punishment in Mississippi Schools

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Credit: Corbis
Abolished in a majority of states, paddling is still practiced in Mississippi schools, but a federal lawsuit is hoping to strike a blow against corporal punishment. The lawsuit seeks a "prelimina...

School Secretary Says She Was Fired for Speaking Spanish

A school employee in North Carolina claims she was fired because she continued to speak Spanish to Latino parents after a school administrator banned her from doing so. Ana Ligia Mateo was hired as a bilingual secretary at Devonshire Elementary ...

Mother Of Nine Says She Was Sterilized Against Her Will

Tessa Savicki holds her son Manuel Flores, 2, with her older children, Julian Torres-Lebron, 17, left, Destiny Tirado, 8, and Jassalyn Tirado, 3, right. Credit: Christopher Evans, Boston Herald
She wanted doctors to give her a birth control devic...

Man Fathers 21 Kids With 11 Moms

Desmond Hatchett, a 29-year-old man from Knoxville, Tennessee, has father -- are you ready for this? -- 21 children. With 11 different women. None of whom he is married to. And you thought Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of kids. Oh, and he ma...

6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins

Most kids complain bitterly when they are grounded. Some will sneak out, while others will settle for slamming doors and announcing that they hate the person making the rules. But sometimes, kids get creative when they're punished: A 6th grader in Q...

Pumping at Work - The New Disability?

These days, companies have to do a lot to accommodate employees with special needs. From ensuring access for the physically challenged to preventing discrimination, the rules and regulations can be complex and confusing. But how far should business h...

Nude Cheerleaders Sue School

What would you do if your high school daughter: 1. Took a nude picture of herself 2. "Accidently" texted it to someone 3. Found out it was being widely distributed at school 4. Was kicked off the cheer squad for violating the athletic code ...

Marilyn Monroe and JFK's love child wants money

Yay! This is funny! I know the election is getting us all amped up and nervous, so let's take the time to muse over the rumblings of another president--John F. Kennedy. According to a report, JFK's alleged love child, one John R. Burton, wants a sta...

Christian courses can't get college credit

If you want to send your kid to a high school where biology classes denounce evolution and where the bible is held as the ultimate reference, that's certainly your prerogative. That doesn't mean, U.S. District Judge James Otero says, that the Univers...

Be careful what you say, even on the internet

There's a very good rule of thumb you might have heard from your own parents, once upon a time. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Avery Doninger, a senior at Lewis S. Mills High School in Connecticut didn't follow that advic...

Court to decide if doctors can discriminate

The desire to start a family can be an awful powerful one. If someone wants kids, they'll go through a lot to get them. Guadalupe Benitez went through a lot. She went to North Coast Women's Care, a clinic in the San Diego, California area, but was re...


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