Man Fathers 21 Kids With 11 Moms

Desmond Hatchett, a 29-year-old man from Knoxville, Tennessee, has father -- are you ready for this? -- 21 children. With 11 different women. None of whom he is married to. And you thought Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of kids. Oh, and he ma...

6th Grader Sues Dad Over Grounding - And Wins

Most kids complain bitterly when they are grounded. Some will sneak out, while others will settle for slamming doors and announcing that they hate the person making the rules. But sometimes, kids get creative when they're punished: A 6th grader in Q...

Christian courses can't get college credit

If you want to send your kid to a high school where biology classes denounce evolution and where the bible is held as the ultimate reference, that's certainly your prerogative. That doesn't mean, U.S. District Judge James Otero says, that the Univers...

Father wants school refund

Many people think that shelling out the money for a private school instead of sending their kids to public school means they'll get a better education and end up better off. Of course, that's not always the case. For one father in Australia, whose tw...

Texas moment of silence challenged

Did you know that in Texas, the state mandates that schools observe a minute of silence each day? I didn't. Although they don't specify an intended purpose, it's pretty clear that it is intended to be used for prayer. At least, that's the contention ...

Man pays $4,802 for stealing another man's wife

That headline sounds a bit barbaric, but it happened to a Chicago man just last week. In a bizarre love triangle gone wrong one man ended up without the love of his wife, the other man ended up with a large fine and the woman ended up in the middle o...

Job interviewing while pregnant?

Much like many other people, I interviewed for a job in 2004. Actually, I interviewed for a couple of jobs. But, here's the kicker: I was eight and nine months, respectively, pregnant when I did so. In fact, for the second interview, I was 35.5 weeks...

Lawsuit filed in 911 tragedy

A lawsuit has been filed in Detroit against two unnamed dispatchers involved in the alleged wrongful death of Sherrill Turner who's 5-year-old's 911 call was assumed a prank and not responded to for at least an hour (see our earlier coverage here). T...


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