LeapFrog Brings iPad Technology to the Preschool Crowd

Credit: Leapfrog.com
Researchers estimate kids ages 8 to 18 spend almost every hour they are not eating, sleeping or attending school with cells phones, computers, televisions and other electronic devices.
You realize what this mean...
Remember LeapPad from the '90s? Welcome to the next generation.

Leapfrog Crammer Study and Music Player

The Leapfrog Crammer Study and Music Player is Leapfrog's new pocket-sized study aid for students. In addition to being a digital music player, The Leapfrog Crammer Study and Music Player lets users go online to create their own customized flashcards...

Are Educational Toys Just Commercial Products In Disguise?

The Scholastic Book Fair has stood the test of time. Just about every school has one -- not to mention those monthly Scholastic Book Club brochures you find crumpled in your child's backpack. Some things have changed, though. Over the past year there...

BlackBerry for Kids - Educational or Addictive?

It may look like a funky-colored smart phone, but this gaudy gadget doesn't make calls or send emails, and can't connect to the Internet. The new Text & Learn from Leapfrog is designed for kids who covet their parents "CrackBerry" -- so they can ...

LeapFrog charging station and batteries - Product Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 35,500 Rechargeable Batteries and Recharging Station for Didj Custom Gaming System. The batteries can overheat if the system is placed into the recharging base upside down,...

Censorship in toys

About a month ago my husband was playing around with one of our son's toys and realized it was censored. The toy in question is a Leap Frog brand caterpillar called an Alphabet Pal with letters on each of its twenty-six legs. Among the things you c...

Product Recall: Learn-Around Playground Activity Center

LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., of Emeryville, California, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is voluntarily recalling their Learn-Around Playground Activity Center. A child's arm can get stuck in a plastic tube that is part of th...

The 'pumping project' shares working mama stories and photos

Wow, you guys are all about the breastfeeding and pumping, aren't you? I wrote about an experience pumping during a coaching clinic in a small-town high school, and was pleased to see that a group of moms has started a flickr pool on pumping at work....


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