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Kids With ADHD Face More Learning Disabilities and Other Woes, Study Says

Two-thirds of U.S. kids with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from other conditions. Credit: Getty If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, he or she may face more struggles, as researchers are ...Two-thirds of American children with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from learning disabilities and anxiety.

Does Obesity Plus Diabetes Equal Learning Disability?

Ever feel like everyone's picking on the fat kid? Childhood obesity is such a national concern, with seemingly everyone -- including first lady Michelle Obama -- talking about it, that overweight kids must be getting tired of all the attention. ...

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Caroline Manzo Discusses Son's Learning Disability

Caroline Manzo and her son, Albie, are opening up about Albie's learning disability. Credit: Andy Kropa, Getty Images
On "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Caroline Manzo comes across as one don't-mess-with-me mama. But off camera, this mothe...

Why Some Children Are Rejected On The Playground

There are few things sweeter than the sound of children romping at recess -- the laughs and shouts and excited whoops of kids just having fun. But for those children who are left on the sidelines and shunned by their peers, the playground can be a sa...

Dyslexic teen avoids gas pumps, counsels others

It's amazing the power teachers have. Unfortunately, a bad teacher can quite easily destroy a kid with a simple, callous remark. Luckily, Evan Paul was a pretty robust, strong kid and when of his teachers told him that the world needs people to man t...


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