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Kids Who Read to Dogs are Better Students

Dog, Simon, prefers television to books. Credit: Jessica Samakow
What sort of books do you suppose dogs like?
Puppies might go for "Go, Dog. Go!" or the Clifford series, while older dogs might prefer "Old Yeller." (Spoiler alert: Th...
Researchers say storytime should occasionally go to to the dogs.

Teaching Kids How to Read: 'Sound it Out' May Not Be the Best Method

Researchers finds focus on phonics may not be the best way to teach children to read. Credit: Getty Images
Hooked on phonics?
You might want to consider rehab. Researchers say phonics may not be helpful to you. That stuff can really...
Researchers finds focus on phonics may not be the best way to teach children to read.

'Your Baby Can Read' ... Really?

Many parents want to have all-star children who mark their territory at the head of the class. But if they're spending lots of money to get them there, they might as well just throw their cash away, "Today" reports. Ads for Your Baby Can Rea...Babies are memorizing, not reading, experts say of Your Baby Can Read kids.

See Me Read at home literacy program

Children who start school with absolutely no reading skills are at a considerable academic disadvantage, even at the kindergarten level. One way to help is to give your child a head start at home. See Me Read is a simple and basic literacy program ...

Learning to 'read': little Mr. Know-it-all

Now that Everett's learned the alphabet song (age: 3 yrs, 2 mos) and how to spell his name (age: 3 yrs, 4 mos), he's starting to sort-of-pretend-to start reading. His brand of reading, naturally, is mostly memorization and creativity. For instance, h...


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