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Lebron James May Endorse Them, but Medical Experts Warn Against Caffeine Sheets

Lebron James may get his morning jolt of caffeine from a dissolvable strip, but you might want to stick to coffee or even soda pop. Practically freebasing the stuff from a gel strip you put in your mouth? Maybe not such a good idea. And, pedia...Caffeine in a gel strip? Not such a good idea for kids, experts say.

Princess Movies, Leaving Kids in the Car and Lebron James - Links We Love

Cloth diapers have never looked so cute. Image: LilSugar.com
As if baby bottoms aren't cute enough -- check out gDiaper's ruffle diaper for girls. -- LilSugar Pixar's newest children's movie "Up" is getting rave reviews, but Linda Holmes at NP...

Home team

I have mentioned in previous posts that I very much enjoy sports. I played team sports in my youth, I play pick up basketball once a week, and very much follow sports, basketball in particular, with a feverish passion. Having two little boys watching...

LeBron James welcomes a son (despite getting his butt whooped in the NBA finals)

There are many reasons I love LeBron James. Firstly, because I'm from Cleveland, and our basketball teams have been awful ever since Michael Jordan ended our season with "the shot" in game 5 of the first round of the 1989 playoffs -- but now we're in...


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