Celebrity Baby Names and Thanksgiving Goodness - Links We Love

Have to hide your camera from your kids? Give them their own this year, but check out these reviews first. -- AlphaMom Are you still recovering from a Thanksgiving spent with family? Read Kevin Keck's meditation on the generation gap. Do we ever a...

Secrets of a Leftover Lover

As if working full time and trying to keep the monthly household food budget at Depression Era-esque levels wasn't challenging enough, I'm also learning how best to deal with a husband suffering an extreme case of leftover aversion, an apparently he...

Planning ahead: what to do with the leftovers

As I've mentioned before, I am not an expert at preparing complicated turkey dinners. That's why we went out to dinner for Thanksgiving. But for Christmas, my mom will be here and we are required to produce a feast that would feed an army, even thoug...


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