Adult Adoptees Legislation Would Give Access to Original Birth Records

Proposed legislation in New Jersey could give adult adoptees direct access to their original birth certificates. Credit: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services If you're an adoptive parent, you probably grapple with questi...Adult adoptees would have access to their original birth records.

California Law Gives Powers to Parents, Troubles Teachers

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed an education reform bill Jan. 7 that has the state's teachers peering out their windows looking for villagers with torches and pitchforks. Teachers are worried because the new "parent trigger" law giv...

NRA: Stop Asking Adoptive Parents About Guns

A family looks at a gun during the National Rifle Association of America's annual meeting in Louisville, Ky. Credit: Getty Images
The National Rifle Association is pushing a new bill that would prevent adoption agencies in Florida from asking p...

New toy safety bill in the works

It seems like a day doesn't go by that we don't hear about another recalled toy -- lead paint, dangerous chemicals, magnets -- but that will, hopefully, become less common, due to legislation making its way through congress. It's been hailed as the "...

'Kids and Cars' Act Passes Congress

There are days when I grumble about the weight-lifting chore it takes to hoist my son in his infant car seat into the car, out of the car, into the car, out of the car. Of course, that car seat serves to protect my child's safety in the case of a cra...

Lawmakers say "no" to teacher pay raise but "yes" to their own

Teachers in West Virginia have found themselves quite upset regarding a pay raise. Teachers and public employees have fought for a pay raise, with some waiting at the state capitol to learn if they'd get the money they desired. While they waited, t...

N.C. panel recommends legislation to foster communication between adopted kids and birthparents

Interesting story out of Raleigh, North Carolina where a state panel is recommending that laws be passed to set up extended rules for birthparents or other relatives to stay in touch with children after adoption. A law already on the books law says ...

NJ lawmakers vote to allow adopted adults to get their birth certificates

The Senate in my home state of New Jersey voted in a solid majority to allow adopted adults to obtain their birth certificates after years of being prevented from doing so because state law sealed the records. The bill still has to go through the Ass...

Illinois legislation to ban lead toys

The Illinois legislature has approved a bill to ban toys and other items containing anything more than a trace of lead. The bill comes after a 4-year-old boy died after swallowing a small lead filled charm and other toys and children's products have ...

Can fetuses feel pain?

According to the British Medical Journal, no, fetuses cannot feel pain. But how can we know for sure? The reason this debate is so hot right now is because there is legislation in Congress that would require women to get anesthesia for their fetuses...


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