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Free Enterprise Doomed (Temporarily) by Lemonade Stand Dust Up

Young entrepreneurs collect money at their lemonade stand outside of the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament. The stand, originally set up near the main entrance of the golf course, was forced to move, but a $500 fine was later rescind...Rich families see death of American dream in having to move their kids' lemonade stand.

Teenage Hoods Knock Off Little Girls' Lemonade Stand

Michigan has seen its share of desperate criminals and vicious thugs. Notorious banker robber John Dillinger once hid out in the state. But even Public Enemy No. 1 would be embarrassed by the current class of criminals. Police in Pontiac ha...

Lemonade Stand Tips: Top 7 Tips for Success

Six-year-old Jackson Parks raised $15,800 at his charitable lemonade stand. Photo courtesy of Jordan Parks.
Tart or sweet, lemonade sells. Especially when stirred and poured by a cute and industrious neighborhood kid. Kid-run lemonade stands h...

Tori Spelling Potty Trains, Free Range Kids, and the Drinking Age - Links We Love

Even celebrity moms can't escape the potty chair. Tori Spelling shares her top five potting training tips. -- LilSugar Remember the NY mom who let her 9-year-old subway alone? Now you can learn how to raise your own "free range" kid with a new (an...

Cancer-fighting lemonade

Lots of kids put up lemonade stands to bring in a few dollars for summer fun; it's almost an American tradition. Instead of a trip to an amusement park, a new bike, or even a college education, however, a thirteen-year-old girl in Wisconsin brought i...

Hells Angels get thirsty too

It's a hot day in Montana and you've been on your Harley for hours, on your way to the annual Hells Angels gathering, held this year in Missoula. You're thirsty and you're looking for a cold drink to help you cool down. So where do you go? To Jase an...

Girl chases down lemonade stand thief

School is out, the weather is warm, and lemonade stands are popping up on street corners everywhere. Driving around yesterday, I was surprised to see several different groups of kids selling refreshments from the curb with no adult in sight. I am new...

Sunkist to provide free lemonade stands for charitable kids

In the past three years, Sunkist has given away more than 14,000 lemonade stands, recipe cards and juicer kits to kids across the country to encourage them to raise money for charities. The encouragement has worked; an estimated $1.5 million has been...


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