Lemonade Stand Tips: Top 7 Tips for Success

Six-year-old Jackson Parks raised $15,800 at his charitable lemonade stand. Photo courtesy of Jordan Parks.
Tart or sweet, lemonade sells. Especially when stirred and poured by a cute and industrious neighborhood kid. Kid-run lemonade stands h...

Rebecca Romijn's pregnancy cravings

Television and film star Rebecca Romijn has opened up about her pregnancy cravings. The Ugly Betty actress recently announced she and husband Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins, and the cravings brought on by them can't be ignored. According to Rom...

Cancer-fighting lemonade

Lots of kids put up lemonade stands to bring in a few dollars for summer fun; it's almost an American tradition. Instead of a trip to an amusement park, a new bike, or even a college education, however, a thirteen-year-old girl in Wisconsin brought i...

Hells Angels get thirsty too

It's a hot day in Montana and you've been on your Harley for hours, on your way to the annual Hells Angels gathering, held this year in Missoula. You're thirsty and you're looking for a cold drink to help you cool down. So where do you go? To Jase an...

Lemonade stands affected by economy too!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, or so the old saying goes. But what about when life gives you expensive lemons? Although that may seem like an oxymoron, kids are getting hit hard with the rising price of lemons just as their parents ...

Girl chases down lemonade stand thief

School is out, the weather is warm, and lemonade stands are popping up on street corners everywhere. Driving around yesterday, I was surprised to see several different groups of kids selling refreshments from the curb with no adult in sight. I am new...

Image of the Day: a swirl of activity

This image, shared with us by Raquita, sums up exactly how I feel about some of the busy days of summer. The swirl of acvitity, the bright colors of warm afternoons and the sweet smile of a beautiful child. I can almost smell a freshly mowed lawn, he...


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