New Drug Approved to Give Lice the Heave-Ho

I'm gonna comb that lice right outta my hair. Credit: Getty There's a very quick way to get rid of head lice. Shave your kid's head and take a scouring pad to her bald scalp. But if you're worried about how this might affect ch...New drug supposedly gets rid of little blood suckers in 10 minutes.

Schools Are Doing Less Nitpicking Over Head Lice

Hey, parents -- your child with lice doesn't have to stay home! Um, sorry, teachers. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
We all dread that phone call from school -- you know, the one telling you your kid's hair is infested wit...
Case of head lice? Stop itching and get back to school!

Head Lice Is No Reason to Miss School, Report Says

Experts say kids with lice can stay in school. Credit: Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, Philadelphia Inquirer / MCT
Your daughter's teacher notices a tiny speck moving near the nape her neck: It's lice. Should she: A.) Call you to come pick up your chil...

Got Lice Eggs? Welcome to School!

Back when our son was in kindergarten a note came home: Someone in his class had lice. We should check behind his ears and alert the school nurse if we found anything. Since that day, I have had a little bit of what might be called "lice-quest obs...

It's lice season - What you need to know

It's the note that fills parents with dread: A student in your child's school (or worse, classroom) has lice. If lice have a season, this is it. Kids congregating and co-mingling, working and playing with their heads close together, and letting their...

Head lice getting harder to treat

Two words a parent dreads hearing: head lice. Those creepy little bugs that infest the hair of humans are a hassle to treat and often cause for embarrassment. Considering the fact that head lice have been bugging humans for thousands of years, one wo...

Head lice: an ancient tradition

About a year ago, my sister's four-year-old came home from school with head lice. Unfortunately, before my sister discovered it, it had spread to the next door neighbor's kid. Even though head lice is a fairly common childhood problem that is treatab...

Non chemical anti-lice spray

I know that J.D. Griffioen has officially taken over the mantle of lice king at Blogging Baby, but after stumbling across the dreaded "Lice are back" note in front of Will's classroom today, I thought I'd share this wonderful tip I received from He...

Blogging Baby size six: essentials for surviving head lice

In my quest to become the Queen Of Lice at Blogging Baby I realized I get a lot of email about Lice when parents get that dreaded letter home. The letter which says, "You're about to plummet into the depths of obsession and despair. Your child h...


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