C'mon, Tell the Truth - You Lie to Your Kids, Right?

Jiminy Cricket! Parents tell kids lots of lies. Credit: Corbis
"No, your butt doesn't look big in those jeans." "I swear the check is in the mail." "Sorry, boss, I think (cough, cough) I must have swine flu." Don't lie, now. We all do ...

White lies and the parents who tell them

We all tell white lies. If we say we don't, to each other and ourselves, we're telling a white lie right then and there. We tell them to other adults, and we certainly tell them to our kids. More often than not, we tell the white variety of the li...

Madonna bans acting for daughter Lourdes

Don't mess with the material mom. I think we all know the consequences of that. But what about when you're her daughter? Lourdes is probably just as headstrong as her mommy and may even like to follow in her mother's big footsteps someday. Says ...

PD*Poll: Lying to your children

My son Jared's beloved stuffed Mickey Mouse went to the Mickey Doctor and by the time Jared came home from school, Mickey was waiting there for him, as good as new. Of course, there's no such thing as a Mickey Doctor -- Mickey looked as good as new b...

Why I'll miss the diapers

It was late on a Friday night at the taqueria. I was just about to order my burrito when he came through the door. He grabbed a young girl of about ten, with lush raven hair and bright hazel eyes, and put a large chef's knife to her throat. "Give me ...

When the sham is up and the kids discover the truth about Santa

As mentioned yesterday by fellow Blogging Baby staff member Rachel Mosteller, the Santa Clause myth comes to an end at some point for all children. When my son was almost 11 years-old, he sat down with me and said in a most serious voice, "Mom. I kno...

Are your children liars?

We are getting to the point in our home where if the children begin to lie, the outcomes could become grave. As the children get older their activities become more varied and they take place farther from home. When my 13 year-old son, Loren, says he ...

Child fathered by another man: should you tell?

Recently, someone close to me learned that his little brother was fathered by another man. Mom has been dead for only a few years, and I wonder all kinds of things, like, why didn't she ever tell him? Or, did she tell him and he has chosen not to tel...


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