Kid-Proofing the Christmas Tree

Growing up, I always had a Christmas tree. When I was little, I don't recall considering pulling it over or removing (and eating) the ornaments on it, but those of us with kids know those are the serious risks we take when we engage in one of the m...

Glowing umbrella keeps kids safe

Now that we've moved off daylight savings time, it's getting dark just time for after school get-togethers like practice, study groups, etc. If your child usually walks home from school, this makes their trek considerably more treacherous. Here's a ...

Bring your kids on the "Tacky Light Tour"

For the past week or so, my husband and I have been driving our children around town to look at "Christmas houses." Basically, we're looking for those houses with Christmas lights so extravagant that a 2-year-old stops and says "look!" I've often wis...


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