Teen Jobs, Finding Time, and More - Links We Love

Should teens work or concentrate on their studies? Photo Credit: quinn.anya, Flickr
Any mother who's ever hovered nearby during a clumsy toddler's first swim will know what this seal mom is going through. Cute! -- Lemondrop Summer fun: The Br...

Absentee Grandparents, Euna Lee, and More - Links We Love

Grandparents have their own lives, and sometimes it doesn't include their grandkids. CREDIT: Mee Lin Woon,
It might be summer, but in the northern states, there hasn't been a lot of beach weather this year. Here's how to handle a summer b...

Contest Round-Up, Thumb Sucking, and Heidi Klum - Links We Love

Does thumb sucking need to be "cured?" Photo: Peter Skadberg,
Register for baby, win a Wii for yourself! Between now and September 15th, parents who register for baby gifts at Babies 'R Us or Toys 'R Us -- and include select Wii or Nint...

Little Girl Fashion, Bickering Kids, and More - Links We Love

Kids are dressing better than their parents. Photo:
Staying home and skipping that vacation to save money this summer? Here's a new clever name for your staycation (and some tips): Non Voyage! -- Lil Sugar Remember that summertime fa...

Baby iPhone App, Boy Finds Missing Man, and More - Links We Love

Deciding who's in the delivery room is a big decision. Image:
Do you track baby's every feeding, diaper change, coo and gurgle? Yep, there's an iPhone app for that. -- Cool Mom Picks When 11-year-old Logan Roberts when looking for a mi...

Baby Names, Male MidWives, and More - Links We Love

Helmets really do keep kids safe. Image:
So you picked out a great baby name, only to find out everyone else likes it too. The Cradle has some baby name suggestions that will keep your maintain your fav name's feel, while still being orig...

Jennifer Hudson, Silver Linings, and Special Needs Bill of Rights - Links We Love

Riding in the back of the station wagon: No longer allowed. Photo:
Parents of kids with special needs now have their own Bill of Rights, thanks to Max's mom Ellen. "We have the right to expect our kids to be seen for who they are as ind...

New Words for No, Book Recommendations, and Preggatinis - Links We Love

Toddlers get tired of hearing the word "no." Image:
When you became a parent, did you turn into your mother? Or do you use your own parenting techniques? -- LilSugar Genius! A dad of a diabetic child invented a blood glucose monitor th...

Nannies on Vacation, July 4 Parties, and More - Links We Love

Would you take a nanny on vacation with you? Image:
Planning a road trip this weekend? Or any weekend, for that matter? Keep things calm and quiet in the backseat with these free downloadable games from LilSugar. Tired of feeding the k...

Mommy Brain, Ana Ortiz, and Freezer Pleasers - Links We Love

"Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz welcomes a daughter. Photo:
Got a case of Mommy Brain? You aren't alone -- moms often complain of forgetfulness during pregnancy or immediately after. The Cradle has tips for dealing with this sometimes f...

Father's Day Fun - Links We Love

It's time to get ready for Father's Day! Photo:
Got a stepfather to buy for this Father's Day? Or maybe an ex that your kids need to shop for? Here are some helpful hints when shopping for stepfamily. -- Divine Caroline
He makes a v...

Sleepovers, Sonogram Cufflinks and More - Links We Love

Get sandal-perfect toes with a home pedicure. Photo courtesy of
Get out your tissues: A dad returns from Iraq and surprises his 10-year-old daughter on her next to last day from school. -- Jezebel
Not sure what to get that dad-to-be f...

Princess Movies, Leaving Kids in the Car and Lebron James - Links We Love

Cloth diapers have never looked so cute. Image:
As if baby bottoms aren't cute enough -- check out gDiaper's ruffle diaper for girls. -- LilSugar Pixar's newest children's movie "Up" is getting rave reviews, but Linda Holmes at NP...

Memorial Day Means Summer Fun - Links We Love

Memorial Day weekend kicks of a season of summer fun. Image:
Memorial Day is so much more than the beginning of summer. One blogger writes a touching and personal essay that reminds us why we celebrate. -- MomLogic Did summer sneak up o...

John Stossol and Pregnant Women, Fertility Statues and Moms Who Blog - Links We Love

Kids fight, it's normal. So why did this mom get her own revenge on Craigslist? Photo courtesy of Marja Flick-Buijs/ Expecting, knocked up, a bun in the oven -- Mom-to-be Teresa Strasser can't seem to find the right phrase to describe her...


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