Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Crafts

I'll admit it: Cabin Fever is not a Craft Queen. But every year our dining room table turns into a factory for mass Valentine production. The children bring home class lists, we clear crafting space and then set about making a Valentine for everyone...

Metal found in Valentine's lollipops

Kids at Kathleen Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida had some of their Valentine's Day candy confiscated yesterday after what appeared to be a metal staple was found in a lollipop. This came one day after a woman found a blade-like piece of metal...

Starter clubs teach teens how to party

A new club in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, Crush, serves Red Bull, Smart Water and lots and lots of lollipops. Its bartenders are teeny-boppers, and they don't need an alcohol server's permit. Its clientele, under 18. "Crush is Bungalow 8...


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