Love and Attention a Matter of Life and Death for Kids

Children institutionalized early in life have shortened telomeres, which may lead to health consequences. Credit: Getty Images
We all want love and attention, and for good reason: It is quite literally a matter of life and death.
Study shows children age faster, die younger, without TLC.

Valentine's Day Ideas: Date Night Plans for Parents

Rekindle the romance with a date night in your living room. Credit: Getty Images Another February 14th is rolling around and you've done the candle-lit dinner routine about a thousand times. You can't just jet off to ...Put the kids to bed and plan a hot Valentine's Day date with your sweetie, even if you're staying in.

Melissa Joan Hart Talks Motherhood, Fitness and Surviving Life as a Child Star

Melissa Joan Hart hugs her face-painted son, Mason Wilkerson, who may also have the performer bug. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
Melissa Joan Hart grew up in the spotlight, with starring roles in movies and TV series like Clarissa Ex...

Nurturing Helps Baby's Development, Studies Say

A mom's caring can help diminish any prenatal stresses a baby may face once out in the world. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
Go on, give your baby those few extra hugs and kisses today. Not only will the added affection make you feel good, but two...

Romance Advice for New Parents - Make Date Night a Priority

Don't let romance disappear after you have children. Credit: Getty Images
Everyone knows a new baby changes your life, but what parents don't always realize is that it can also change -- and challenge -- your marriage. Late nights and dirty di...

Pretty Baby - Do Attractive Babies Get Better Care?

Do pretty babies get better care?. Photo:
When researchers sat down 13 men and 14 women and showed them pictures of babies -- some normal, others with facial deformities -- they gave the test participants a choice: They could push one b...

Too Young for Romance

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Children of all ages will exchange cards, hugs and candy hearts. It starts as young as kindergarten, and continues until the kids discover that sometimes "love" is more fun in private. I know this will make some ...

Valentine's Day Best Gifts, Goodies and Games for Families

Valentine's Day is, for many people, a very special time. It can be difficult, however, when you have kids to keep that romantic feeling alive, especially without excluding the kids. A diamond bracelet or pearl necklace may be beautiful and great to ...

Mother Admits She Doesn't Love Her Daughter

Shelley Price doesn't love her own daughter, and fears she never will. This tearful mother of two is telling her story because she believes that she isn't the only mother to ever tackle such a taboo subject, and hopes she may help others come to term...

Teen Romance - How Old is Too Old?

Lucinda Law is a 16-year-old girl who was recently given legal permission to marry her 26-year-old boyfriend, who she's been seeing for two years. Her fiance is a family friend who has known Lucinda since she was nine years old. Perhaps more shocking...

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for Bedtime

A friend called the other day. "It's disturbing to me," she said, "how much I look forward to bedtime." I concurred. There are definitely days when bedtime can't come soon enough. OK, who am I kidding? There are days when I start counting the hours ...

Nicole Kidman Wants More Babies!

Fast on the heels of birthing her first child, Nicole Kidman is rip, roaring, ready to have another baby. Earlier this year the Academy Award-winning actress and her husband, hottie Country singer Keith Urban (yeah, he's a hottie--don't try to den...

Heidi Klum and Seal Renew Their Vows Annually

Ridiculously in love super-couple Heidi Klum and Seal make getting married an annual tradition. The couple first said their vows in 2005 and now renew them each year on their anniversary. "We love it," Seal says, "It's great saying your vows again. Y...

'No sex before marriage' contest has no entrants

You would think that a contest offering a $10,000 prize plus a whole host of other goodies would be swamped with entries. Not so for the Marriage for a Lifetime contest sponsored by the non-profit organization Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting...

Jennifer Aniston - Pregnant?

Ever since she split with Brad Pitt, the media has been waiting for Jennifer Aniston to find another man and have his babies. When she's happily in love, the paps salivate over the possibilities. When she's not, they paint her as a sad spinster, booz...


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