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Back to School: Lunch Bags

The days of the simple metal box lunch box and plain brown paper bag are, like, so over. Today's kids tote their pb&js in containers so cool, we'd actually use some of them as purses. So please don't blame us for hoping the hot lunch options...

Customized lunchbox

Nostalgic about school days gone by? Tired of your kid lost lunch boxes? Need a storage container attractive enough to be left out in the open? Ogg Studio can solve all these problems with one product: a custom photo lunch box. The handy metal conta...

Healthy lunch boxes not so healthy

The California Department of Public Health, in an effort to convince kids to eat healthy meals, has passed out more than 50,000 lunch boxes featuring slogans such as "Eat Fruits & Vegetables and Be Active". Catchy, eh? The problem is, the lunch b...

Save our future: make lunch boxes cool again!

Remember when we were kids and we all had those cute plastic lunch boxes? Some of us older folks even had the metal lunch boxes. I remember when I was itty bitty I had a blue and white Holly Hobbie metal lunch box, which I eventually traded in for ...

Bloggin Baby Sleepover: Tuesday, August 29

It's that time of year when many of us are packing up lunches and sending our bundles of joy off to the return of the school year. For some it is a time of letting go as they send their wee ones off to their first tastes of an institutional education...

Packing a lunchbox? Skip the lead

Ever year at about this time those of us who have school aged children start to think about what we need to do to get the kids ready to return to the classroom. This means going through closets and drawers, weeding out the smaller clothes and negotia...


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