Students Fed Cold Sandwiches to Punish Them for Hot Lunch Disses

Credit: Matthew Mead, AP
You dare to diminish the deliciousness of our chicken fried steak? Malign our macaroni and cheese? Call our ravioli revolting?
No hot lunch for you! Students at Camp Curtin School in Harrisburg, Pa., were...
Hot lunch taken away as punishment for students not cleaning up after themselves.

Piece Together Lunch With Sandwich Cutters

Piece together the perfect lunch for your kids. Credit: The Spoon Sisters
If you're already puzzled over how to make those packed lunches more exciting for your kids, we've got the perfect solution. Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split s...
Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters split sandwiches into interlocking puzzle pieces that your kids will want to eat.

Plate Encourages Kids to Play With Their Food

You'll definitely want to keep the camera nearby during mealtime. Credit: Mxyplyzyk
Remember Wooly Willy, that bald guy with the magnetic personality who entertained us for hours on end during long car trips? Well, the Food Face plate, a new...
Remember Wooly Willy, that bald guy with the magnetic personality who entertained us for hours on end during long car trips? Well, the Food Face plate, a new twist on the Willy toy, will actually have you asking your kids to play with their food.

DIY Bendy Straw Lets You Twist and Spout

Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me. Credit: MoMA Store
If you're tired of cajoling your kids into drinking their milk, try taking it to a new level -- or a bunch of new levels. Like an erector set for beverages, this cool constructible dr...

New Lunch-Box Recipe Ideas

Dear Karla, As the school season is coming to an end soon, so are my ideas on lunches. I think my kids are officially sandwiched out as I was never given the 'creative bug' in the food department. Can you provide me with some lunch ideas I can pac...

Lunchboxes Need a Healthy Makeover, Study Shows

Kids' lunches could use a boost if nutrition. Credit: sherimiya ♥, Flickr School lunches are under attack again. But it's not what's being served in the cafeteria that's drawing fire, but what they are bringing from home. A recent stud...

Non-Natural Peanut Butter: How Bad?

Natural peanut butter isn't the only option for your child. Credit: Wendy Andrews, Flickr
The peanut-butter aisle used to be a simple place. In fact it wasn't an aisle, there were just a few jars -- the kind Mom used to use, and the other kind...

TV Lunch, Every Day - How Bad?

So how bad is eating in front of the TV? Photo courtesy This week's How Bad question comes via email: "My daughter is 4. I would say, regrettably, that she eats lunch in front of the TV most days. It probably started because we ...

Teacher Gives New Meaning to "Five Second Rule"

If you are a parent, then you are probably familiar with the "five second rule." This rule applies to edible items dropped on the floor: If the food has been on the ground for less than five seconds, the rule says it may be picked up and eaten as if ...

Cooking With Kids Makes Dinner a Family Affair

My sons are complete food opposites: One is a gourmand who has never met a dinner he didn't love, while the other is the pickiest child alive. No exaggeration, I promise. So I'm always on the lookout for the middle ground. That is, healthy, kid-frien...

School Lunch Mooches Cut Off

Remember Wimpy, the cartoon character perhaps best known for his long running scam, "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"? It seems the spirit of Wimpy is alive and well in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the school district is owed ne...

Brown Bag Revival, or Ideas for Lunch That Won't End Up in the Trash

Welcome to Dishing it Out, ParentDish's weekly food column. Rob Barrett is a dad who knows his way around the kitchen; his web site, Cooking For Dads, provides simple video recipes for dads (and moms!). You can read all the Dishing it Out posts...

Dad's Brown Bag Drawings Make the Rest of Us Look Bad

It's pretty cool when you're dad knows the names of all of your favorite cartoon characters. But when you're dad draws them, in detail, onto your lunch bag every. single. day? Well, that's a whole new level of cool. Lucky kids Dana and Dylan proba...

Rebecca Romijn, ovulation reminders, and healthy lunch ideas - Links we love

Doing some early Christmas shopping? Pick safer toys for your little ones with these tips. -- Alpha Mom Your ovaries called. They want you to know that you're ovulating. -- BabyCenter Rebecca Romijn opens up about husband Jerry O'Connell, ex-Jo...

Secrets of a healthy lunch

We're pretty new to the lunch packing thing at our house, just having survived our first week of kindergarten. But so far, my five-year-old eats her whole grain sandwich, her side of fresh fruits or veggies, and brings home the very small treat I've ...


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