New Lunch-Box Recipe Ideas

Dear Karla, As the school season is coming to an end soon, so are my ideas on lunches. I think my kids are officially sandwiched out as I was never given the 'creative bug' in the food department. Can you provide me with some lunch ideas I can pac...

White Bread, No Crust - How Bad?

Are you spoiling your kids by cutting off their crusts? Credit: left-hand, Flickr
"During my daughter's refusal-to-eat-most-foods stage (which to be honest, is ongoing), I figured out that if I cut her sandwiches into cute shapes, she'll eat t...

DailyDish - Get lunch ready the night before

Make everyone's lunches and any other meals or snacks the night before....

Students scared to attend school due to allergies

In Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto, six kids are scared of going to school. It's not drugs or violence or even P.E. that has them worried. It's eggs. Eggs, peanuts, and other such deadly toxins. Yes, these can indeed be deadly to kids who are...

Save our future: make lunch boxes cool again!

Remember when we were kids and we all had those cute plastic lunch boxes? Some of us older folks even had the metal lunch boxes. I remember when I was itty bitty I had a blue and white Holly Hobbie metal lunch box, which I eventually traded in for ...

Cheese Sandwhich of Shame for kids of deadbeat parents

"Pay up, or the kid gets the Cheese Sandwich of Shame!" That, in no uncertain terms, is the message that Chula Vista Elementary School is sending to parents who don't pay for their kids' school lunches. Instead of pizza, burgers, or macaroni, childre...

Sharing New Year's resolutions with your kids

Every January I am fairly sure that I will lose 10 pounds, create sumptuous, nightly dinners for my family and keep an immaculate house for the coming twelve months. Not only do I imagine that I will transform myself, I believe that I will bring my c...

Something's gotta give, a mom's frustration over custody schedule

I just read Jenifer Scharpen's post from earlier today about divorce, it hit home because this and other similar subjects have been trailing through my brain all morning. Under the current guidelines of my divorce, my ex has the children every other ...


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