Breastfeeding Better for Kids' Lungs

According to a new report, children who breastfeed have an edge over those who don't -- at least where their lungs are concerned. Kids who were breastfed for at least four months had stronger lungs than those who were bottle fed. The theory behi...

Should you quit using talc on your baby?

Baby powder smells good and feels good too, that's why it's been used on babies' bottoms for decades. But for the last several years, pediatricians have been telling parents to resist the urge. Not only is there little evidence that talcum powder pre...

Does exercise help pregnant women stop smoking?

One would think the obvious answer to that question is yes. One would surmise that exercise would help anyone stop smoking, right? After all, you're striving to do something healthy, sort of the opposite of smoking, by getting out there and running...


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