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When Is It OK To Lie To Your Kids?

Is lying to your children ever acceptable? Or should you always tell them the truth? Image:
Over at MomLogic, psychologist Dr. Cara Gardenswartz tells us about some of the lies that parents tell their kids. She suggests that these lies...

Lies parents tell to their children

In some small way, I wish we'd never started with the whole Santa Claus things. My kids are so deeply invested in it that I'm afraid finding out the truth is going to break their little hearts. My hope is that they'll learn gradually, like I did, and...

Is it OK to lie to your kids?

Because of an argument I recently had with my mom, an article titled "House of lies: Is fibbing to your kids ever OK?" grabbed my attention. A few months ago, my 8 and 6 year old spent spring break in Arizona visiting their grandparents. My kids ...

The tooth fairy and other lies I tell my kid

Ellie lost four baby teeth last year. That gave me four opportunities to lie to her. Every time a tooth fell out, she expected a visit from the tooth fairy. And I did not disappoint. Deep down, I think she knows it's just a pretend game we play to ma...


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