Need Makeup Tips? This 5-Year-Old Is Doling Them Out on YouTube

Little girls are drawn to makeup like flies to honey. And, really, why shouldn't they be? Shimmering colors in pinks and reds, pencils, glosses and blushes to play with, just like Mommy? That's too much for many children to withstand. But a 5-y...Girl's mom says it's just like playing dress-up.

SmackDown: Would You Let Your Tween Wear Makeup?

Is there anything wrong with a little bit of lip gloss? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Forget the Face Paint and Let Kids Be Kids by Amy Hatch When I was in sixth grade, I was pretty tight with two other gir...
A dab of gloss, a touch of eyeshadow ... is it all just for play, or is makeup harmful for tweens?

Walmart Launching GeoGirl Makeup Line for Tweens

Lots of little girls love dipping into their mothers' makeup bags, applying lipstick, blush and eyeshadow just like Mommy. And, although many say cosmetics are a no-no for kids, Walmart is set to premiere a new beauty line just for tweens. ...
Is 8 too young for girls to wear makeup? Walmart is hoping your tween will buy its new beauty line.

Live From the Maternity Ward: Birthing Moms Are Primping for Photos

Pedicure? Check. Teeth whitening? Check. Hospital bag? Oh, yeah ... Credit: Getty Images When Lyn Zelnis was packing her hospital bag for the birth of her second baby, she made sure to include shower supplies, onesies and perhaps most i..."Push and smile" has become the mantra of baby mamas, who find their post labor selves splashed across the pages of Facebook or live on YouTube.

Lovely Without Lip Gloss: Texas Teens Pledge to Go Makeup-Free

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Like, you're seriously not wearing makeup? Ewwww! That's the reaction some girls at Colleyville High School in Colleyville, Texas got when they decided to impose a makeup moratorium eve...
Like, you're seriously not wearing makeup? Ewwww!

Get Your Glam On With All Natural Makeup Sticks

Perfect for bunnies of all ages. Credit: Whoops Bunny
Pick up a set of Whoops Bunny All Natural Make-Up Sticks for your little one, and you may never have to hide your cosmetics case again. Made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients --...

Too Much Makeup? Don't Worry, Experts Say, the Clown Look Doesn't Last

Girls, girls, don't you know the natural look is in? Credit: Getty Images
Blue eyeshadow does not flatter anyone. And when it comes to applying makeup, try to put less paint on your face than Ronald McDonald or Bozo the Clown. Now off you ...

When Parents Give In To Peer Pressure

How far will you go to help your child fit in? Image:
There are some things my husband and I disagree about when it comes to our 8-year-old. These are mostly little things like whether iced tea is bad for her and how important it is to rin...

Mommy's Makeover Scares Toddler

Here's a typical mom fantasy: A morning TV show offers you a complete makeover, managed by a team of high-end beauty experts. You arrive at the studio looking wan and tired and mom-ish, and hours later you look just like Katie Holmes! Great, right...

Makeover parties for 8-year-olds?

A few years ago, when she was about six years old, Ellie was invited to a makeover party at a local salon. The salon catered to children and was outfitted with a special party room where girls could get manicures, pedicures, hairstyling and makeup se...

When labor strikes - What you REALLY need at the hospital

For first-time parents, the thought of bringing another life into the world--and being responsible for it--is daunting enough. Add to that all the advice, the stuff people tell you that you need and the endless lists of such things and becoming a p...

Makeup basics for busy moms

If your mornings are anything like mine, you're lucky to get a cup of coffee, never mind a shower. And most of the time, that coffee is cold. Put on makeup? Hoo that's funny. But a little makeup can make you look awake and polished and ready to face...

Bonne Bell Children's Cosmetics Accessory Bags - Product Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 945,000 Bonne Bell Children's Cosmetics Accessory Bags. The metal clasps on the handle of the bags contain high levels of lead, which is toxic if ingested and can cause adv...

Moms and make-up - How often do you put on your face?

Those first few weeks at home with a newborn baby, applying makeup is pretty much an exercise in futility. Nothing is going to cover under-eye circles of that magnitude and even the strongest lipstick will just end up on your itty bitty baby from the...

The hidden dangers of lip gloss

My 7-year-old is crazy for the lip gloss. She can be convinced to wear lip balm, but prefers the shiny wet look that can only be achieved through the liberal application of gooey, flavored lip gloss. If it has sparkles in it, even better. The resulti...


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