Clever kids beat makeup ban

A lot of schools in the UK, apparently, have banned the wearing of nail polish. This includes Albion High School, in Salford, England. The students there, however, aren't about to let a little thing like school rules get in the way of their quest for...

Toddlers getting pedicures?

I grew up a primper. For someone who spent a lot of time with her grandmother--one that was a hairdresser and enjoyed anything girly, sparkly, shimmery or otherwise beautifying--I didn't stand a chance against being a girly girl. She used to let m...

The 6 year old as makeup artist

I've written here before about Ellie's love of makeup. She owns way more beauty products than I do -- boxes and bins and drawers full of it. For her, spending an hour or so in the bathroom applying makeup with her friends is the best time ever. They ...


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