Are manners a thing of the past?

I know we at ParentDish frequently relay shocking tales of bad-doing by parents, with the occasional twist added when a child does something less than stellar. I remember Susan Wagner's posts of this past year asking about writing thank you notes--d...

Taking candy from strangers

The other day, Jared and I were out getting new tires for the Land Rover. The guy who was helping us was nice and friendly. We ordered the tires (they had to get them from another shop) and were about to leave when he called to Jared with his hand ou...

Free range potty training

When I discovered I was pregnant with my third child I was more than a bit flummoxed. I realized that I would have to go through all those early childhood milestones again. The teething, crawling, sleepless nights, I thought I was all done. More frig...

"Please" sounds so lovely when spoken by a toddler

My 26 month-old son, Devon, has an amazing grasp on speech, at least compared to his older siblings at this age. Everyday he acquires more words and is learning to piece together sentences. Watching and listening to his progress has been an absolute ...

Wireless cafes, are there any rules?

For the most part I am technically challenged. I can turn my computer on, get to a few sites, write my posts; anything more than that I find to be rather mysterious. So one of the aspects of the techno age that I find so amazing is wireless internet....

Manners: Do your kids call other adults by their first names?

In our neighborhood, we have a family with a little boy who just turned three. His parents always say, when we run into them, "Oh, Patrick, you know Ms. Creer!" They are very big on their son calling people by their titles. In return, I have my kids ...

Manners: How hard is it to say hello to a baby?

One of my favorite Mommy Bloggers posted the other day about a subject that got my knickers in a twist. Beth, of So The Fish Said, often takes her adorable baby, Mia, who is almost one, to the baby pool. And at this pool, Mia enjoys being very social...

Manners: What are you working on with your kids?

I cringe every time an adult addresses "Bunny," my preschooler and she says...nothing. Manners are important to me and this makes me feel so uncomfortable. "How old are you?" asked the cashier at the grocery store. Silence. "...


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