Marriage Records

A marriage record is generally a copy of your marriage license, if it is signed by you and your spouse and witnesses. This paper certifies that you and your spouse are legally married. There are several instances when you might need a copy of your ma...

Mark Wahlberg ready to tie the knot, right after baby #3

Marky Mark is finally ready to settle down. The former pop star and current mega-hottie actor, fresh off the lukewarm if challenging film The Happening, is preparing to marry his girlfriend after all these years. According to People, Wahlberg and Rh...

McConaughey's mom wants him to wed

Matthew McConaughey's mom wants him to marry the mother of his first child, according to reports. When Matthew, who we all felt a confirmed bachelor, called his mom to share the good news his mother hoped he would get married. What--she wants him to...

Tobey Maguire marries!

Whew! Looks like little nine month old Ruby can breathe a sigh of relief. Her parents, famous actor Tobey Maguire and his girlfriend Jennifer Meyer, have finally tied the knot. Not that anyone really cared that they had a kid out of wedlock, but I ...

Sienna Miller wants babies, not one-night-stands

Although the two are by no means mutually exclusive, it seems that Sienna Miller has had enough casual sex and would like to settle down and make some babies. It seems her 'summer of love' is winding down and she's eying a more permanent hookup. "I'm...


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