What to Do When Breast-Feeding Issues Arise

In the beginning, breast-feeding isn't easy for every mom. Credit: Getty Images Although it's not uncommon for women to initially have difficulty breast-feeding their babies, many new mothers are surprised by the issues that can occur....Use these tips to deal with breast-feeding problems.

Beware of a different kind of breast cancer

One out of every eight women will receive the news that they have breast cancer at some point in there lives. As horrible as that statistic is, there is more to be aware of when it comes to breast cancer. Most of us believe there is but one form of b...

Medical student sues for exam breaks to pump breast milk

Sophie Currier has clearly worked hard to get to where she is. In the past two years, she has completed her joint M.D./Ph.D. program at Harvard and become a mother twice over. She's working towards a career in medical research and now must pass a lic...


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