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Is Tween Fashion Too Sexy?

A recent shopping trip to her local mall turned into a jaw-dropping experience for Roxann Reid-Severance. As the Chicago-area mother of two girls, ages 10 and 7, shopped with her oldest daughter for a dress for the tween to wear to a family wed..."Hookers on parade," is how one mom describes the dresses she saw on display during a recent mall visit.

Madonna's Daughter is a Blogger

She's blogging in a Material World. Credit: George Napolitano, FilmMagic
She types! Madonna's 13-year-old daughter Lourdes burst into the blogosphere with her first entry on the website for Material Girl, the new juniors' line she's launching w...

Madonna Says Lourdes Needs to Focus on High School

Madonna and Lourdes have teamed up to launch a juniors' clothing line. Credit: J. Graylock,
You might not have a cone bra, a coffee table book called "Sex," or a 23-year-old Brazilian model boyfriend. But it's likely you and Mado...

Get Ready to Express Yourself in Madonna's New Juniors' Fashion Line

Madonna and child: Lourdes will serve as muse for the Material Girls' new juniors' line. Credit: Stephen Lovekin, Getty
We're living in a material world, so why not let the ultimate Material Girl help dress us for it? Honestly, Madonna, wh...

Madonna and Guy Ritchie renew wedding vows

Despite rumors that their marriage is on the skids, Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have renewed their vows. According to reports the two resealed the deal this past weekend in a Kabbalah ceremony in Ritchie's native London. If reports are to be b...

Madonna and Guy headed for splitsville?

If you are one of the most well-known singers in the world and are spotted spending time with a celebrity divorce attorney with a barracuda reputation, tongues are going to wag. However, when the celebrity involved is provocateur extraordinaire Madon...

Madonna is turning 50

Well, ladies and gentlemen, one of the signs of the apocalypse is surely upon us very, very soon. Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka the Material Mom, Madge and Her Madgesty, is turning 50 this year. World watch out. When I was a little girl I remembe...


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