Off to daycare

Today, Wednesday, is the last day I get to spend with my baby before he goes off to daycare. Tomorrow and Friday I'll be at work and Daddy will watch him. We'll have the weekend as a threesome. Then, bright and early Monday morning we'll start our n...

Enjoy your time with your children

Gee, that sounds logical. Like no one ever thought of that. Still, I got your attention, no? I'm writing today because an interesting era of my life, albeit a small one, is about to come to an end. Really, it's more like a crashing halt, and one th...

Should multiple birth parents get longer parental leave?

Just because you have twins, or triplets, should you get more time off work than someone who has their babies one at a time? A Canadian group for parents of multiple births is trying to change the laws in that country so such parents get longer par...

ABC's 20/20 story on breastfeeding, follow up

I watched ABC's 20/20 episode, which I mentioned in a post yesterday. Right before it came on, I got a comment on that post from Linda Doty, saying she had the TV on, so I emailed her and asked her what time zone she was in. It turns out that we live...

Short maternity leave: Houston firefighter gives birth, pops pills, takes exam

At least Beda Kent didn't have to fight a fire hours after giving birth. She was up for a promotion to Captain in the Houston Fire Department, and a state law required all promotion candidates to be tested immediately - four days after her due date. ...


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