Divorce Hurts Kids' Math Grades, Research Shows

Study shows children of divorce may suffer in math. Credit: Getty Images
You might want to stay married. Think of the children.
Research shows divorce makes children feel lonely and sad. They experience depression, anxiety and low s...
Two minus one can equal something entirely wrong for children of divorce.

Don't Know Nothin' About Algebra? You Might Suffer From Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia: the inability to deal with numbers. Credit: Getty Images
If your child is failing freshman algebra, bugging him about his homework or even getting him a math tutor may not help.
He may be suffering from a specific devel...
The mathematically incompetent not necessarily doomed to major in journalism.

Math Gender Stereotypes Start as Early as 2nd Grade

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Little boys love trains, toys and math? Credit: Getty/AFP Images Some sobering news for parental foes of sex stereotypes: A new study reinforces the devastating impact stereotypes can have on gir...
Study finds second grade boys identified with math more strongly than girls.

Girls Outperform Boys in Reading, Study Says

A book is a powerful tool in the classroom gender wars. Credit: Getty Images
The battle of the sexes isn't just for boardrooms anymore. Gender wars continue to play out in classrooms across the nation -- and girls appear to be winning when it c...

Math Anxiety May be Passed from Female Teachers to Girls, Study Shows

Are teachers to blame for girls' math anxiety? Credit: nab_nabb2003, Flickr
The idea some girls have that they're not good at math may not have started in their heads, but in the heads of their female elementary school teachers. According to ...

Boys Are Not Better at Math than Girls, Study Says

A new study confirms something many have believed to be true for some time: Boys are not better at math than girls. Psychology professor Nicole Else-Quest and other researchers at Villanova University examined data from the Trends in Internation...

Chewing Gum Makes Teens Smarter

This is the news my 6-year-old has been waiting for: Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have found that chewing gum in class makes kids smarter. The study, which was conducted by the Wrigley Science Institute, a research arm o...

We need girls to be good at math

In this country, sadly, we don't encourage advanced studies anywhere near as much as we should. In fact, it seems almost the opposite -- those who are passionate about hard science are the target of ridicule at best and victims of institutionalized p...

Preschool or prep school?

Do you and your partner argue about educating your kid? We do. My husband taught elementary school for nine years, and he saw a lot of kids who couldn't count to 10 or spell their own names in first grade. I know that shaped his views, but we still d...

Lack of confidence keeps girls from studying math and science

For a long time, STEM careers -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math -- have been viewed as the province of boys while girls were told not to worry their pretty little heads about such matters. In reality, anyone who can perform the complex, r...

Girls are just as good at math as boys

When I was a senior in high school, I told my high school counselor that I wanted to take Journalism (goof around with my friends while publishing the school paper) and Child Development (goof around with my friends while helping out a local kinderga...

Math in the U.S.: Less may soon be more

Why aren't U.S. kids advancing in math like their peers in other countries? Twenty scholars commissioned by the Bush administration think they have the answer. For years, math has been taught in a repetitive way. Think of it as a large spiral where k...

Pep rallies for Pascal?

I got an e-mail pointing me to this particular Luann comic strip. It raises an interesting question, especially in light of some of the comments on the recent story about the football coach who ran into a child and left the boy to go to dinner. The L...

Five myths about girls and science

These days, computers are as common as cockroaches. Even if you don't own one yourself, chances are you use one at work or school. I'm not just talking about the general purpose machine you use to surf the web, either. Cash registers, automated telle...

Streams of anxiety

Anxiety runs in my family. Without even knowing if that is possible, I recognize the certain traits my mother and I have when it comes to crowds, or highway driving, or the unique panic of movie theaters and expansive camera shots that make the blood...


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