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It's Time to Start a 'No Mean Girls' Coalition

When I was in high school, I definitely was not considered one of the "cool" girls. Apparently, if your senior year resume includes show choir and the drug-free squad, you're on the OK to Ignore and Even Jeer At If Necessary list. I wasn't bullied...Is it really an inevitable part of our nature to gather in cliques and be spiteful to each other?

Mean Girls Mellow With Age (Except on TV)

A high school mean girl can become a decent adult. Credit: Michael Gibson, AP Photo/Paramount Pictures Despite the nasty antics of Bravo's Real Housewives TV series, not every bullying, backstabbing, high school brat grows up to be a...
Not every bullying, backstabbing, high school brat grows up to be a Botox Mean Girl.

Cool Teens Bully Their Way to the Top, Study Shows

It's the popular kids who do the most bullying, a new study finds. Credit: Corbis If your teen aspires to hang out with the popular crowd, being deceitful, scheming and tormenting her peers may help make her cool. Once she's queen bee,...This study confirms what we learned from "Mean Girls." Popular kids can be vicious.

Watch Out! Mean Mommies are Coming to a Movie Theater Near You

Do Mean Girls come from mean moms? Credit: Amazon
Mean girls have to come from somewhere. That's why, Entertainment Weekly reports, movie producer Adam Shankman is coming out with a film about vicious mommies. Based on Rosalind Wiseman's bo...

Talk to Your Tweens - Survey Shows They Want to Listen

It may not come as a big surprise that tweens tend to sweat the small stuff -- and the bigger stuff, too. But here's the good news: The majority of them want to talk to their folks about the things that are stressing them out. Unilever -- t...

What's Going On Inside Mean Tweens' Heads?

Researchers say mean boys will throw you in a locker, but mean girls are more likely to give you the stink eye. Credit: Corbis
This just in: Kids in late elementary school through junior high are mean. And it doesn't matter if they're boys ...

Mean boys just as common as mean girls

Mean girls... they've earned quite a reputation. They're everywhere, first of all. You can't catch a TV show or movie aimed at tweens or teens without at least one mean girl in the bunch. While we expect boys to act out physically, it doesn't surpris...

School clique banned "ugly" people from joining

High school girls in Brisbane, Australia recently created an elite group they called "Club 21." The girls ranked themselves and each other based on weight, appearance, and popularity with boys -- the higher the number, the higher the ranking -- and t...

Is popularity a worthy goal?

When you think of a popular girl in school, what kind of person comes to mind? A girl who is popular because she is friendly and fun and the other kids like being around her? Or a girl who is popular because she's a member of a small group of girls w...

Lindsay Lohan tops Hot List, is this good for young girls

When I first saw the remake of The Parent Trap I thought young Lindsay Lohan was just about the cutest thing ever. Her red hair and freckled face combined with a genuine acting talent were very impressive. By the time Lohan made Freaky Friday, Mean G...

Texas cheerleader MySpace scandal

Okay, I'll admit it. I love a good MySpace scandal. I also enjoy talk of people pretending to preform fellatio on an inanimate object. So when I read this story combining MySpace, "fellatio" and Texas high school cheerleaders, I was hooked. What else...

Parenting magazine: I don't fit any of your categories

If you're anything like me, when you read an article like the one in April's Parenting magazine about mom cliques, one of those with a list of "types" and a description, you immediately try to categorize yourself. I know how these articles ...


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