Kids Breathe Easier on a Starry Night

Star light, star bright, I wish my cold would go away tonight. Credit: Vicks
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a cool mist humidifier throughout the winter months, to help relieve congestion and coughs for kids. So, why not us...
The Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier projects stars on the ceiling and helps relieve congestion. Sorry, it's for the kids.

A Baby's Death by Flu Spurs His Parents on to Educate the Masses

Chances are, you may not have thought much about the dangers of the flu before last year's high profile H1N1 flu pandemic. After all, the flu is just like a bad cold, right? Wrong. The truth is the flu can kill, and it isn't just a danger to...Chances are, you may not have thought much about the dangers of the flu before last year's high profile H1N1 flu pandemic. After all, the flu is just like a bad cold, right? Wrong. The truth is the flu can kill, and it isn't just a danger to elderly or sick people; it also kills children -- healthy children.

Allergy Alert Labels Help Keep Kids Safe

Put it in writing, so everyone can help keep your child safe. Credit: Mabel's Labels
More than 12 million Americans have food allergies, according to The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network -- including about 3 million children. If your c...

School's Groundbreaking Pre-Med Program Begins in 6th Grade

The bar is getting higher. Much higher. A Florida magnet school for sixth to 12th graders has become the first medical arts school in the country -- which means the school's seniors will already have four to seven years of medical education u...

More Than Half of Pediatricians Make Diagnostic Errors, Study Says

Don't be afraid to ask your pediatrician questions or get a second opinion. Credit: Getty Images
Maybe it's time to rethink that age-old "doctor-is-god" stereotype. Fifty-four percent of pediatricians say they make diagnostic errors at least...

Amazing Dad: Russell Jackson

Russell Jackson gets a show of support from his two children. Credit: Mary W. Jackson
Amazing Dad: Russell Jackson, founder of Kid One, an organization that transports medically-ill children and expectant moms to doctors and hospitals across the ...

Amazing Dad: Randy Christensen

Randy Christensen, medical director for the Crews'n Healthmobile, which provides medical services to homeless and at-risk youth. Credit: Troy Aossey, Phoenix Children's Hospital
Amazing Dad: Randy Christensen, M.D., a pediatrician at Phoenix Chil...

British Woman, 59, Pursues Infertility Treatments

Susan Tollefson gave birth at 57. Credit: Jenny Goodall, Solo / ZUMA Press
A 59-year-old London woman and the mother of a 2-year-old may just be the oldest UK citizen to ever be offered in-virto fertilization. Government guidelines in ...

Making Sick Days Better

It happens to every mom. On the day you're giving a presentation or attending an important event, your child says, Mommy, my tummy feels funny. One memorable morning I was dressing for a meeting when first-grader James announced that he was...

California Woman Gives Birth to Octuplets!

An as-yet-unnamed woman in Belleflower, California became mom to eight -- yes, eight -- babies on Monday. The octuplets, six boys and two girls, were born via C-section at Kaiser Permanente hospital, and all are doing well. The newbies weigh anywhere...

Amazing 60-Year Pregnancy

Surely after nine long months of labor most pregnant women get sick of the constant cracks from friends and coworkers about how they're "so huge!" or "ready to pop." Huang Yijun put up with it for 60 years. That's how long the 92-year-old woman from ...

Woman With Two Wombs Pregnant

For Lindsay Hasaj's unborn baby, life began with a multiple choice quiz. That's because Lindsay has two complete reproductive systems ... or two wombs. Because she's physically normal on the outside, the 27-year-old had no idea her about her one-i...

Would You Bring Your Child to Work?

Many of us have participated in Take Your Child To Work Day (formerly known as Take Your Daughter To Work Day). But what if you could--or had to--bring your child to work with you everyday? For more and more parents these days, that seemingly bizarre...

Acupuncture and Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It can also be a pain in the--well, it can be a pain in a lot of places. Those of us who've tackled the trail more than once can attest to back problems, leg problems, headaches and swelling places we d...

Fall Babies Have Higher Risk of Asthma

What's the best time of year for a baby to be born? Having grown up the son of an accountant, I would naturally say as close to December 31st as possible, without going past. That way, you get a full year's tax deduction for only a day or so of paren...


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