Facebook Triggers Asthma Attacks, Doctors Say

Facebook may be to blame for breathing problems. Credit: Corbis
If you've got asthma, you'd better think twice before you log in to Facebook. That's right, folks. In a letter published today in The Lancet, one of the world's most prestigious me...
A jilted teen couldn't breathe when he checked out his ex's profile.

After Nine Miscarriages, Woman Welcomes Healthy Son

An experimental fertility treatment allowed a British woman to become a mom. Credit: Jupiterimages
A British nurse who suffered 17 years of heartbreaking miscarriages finally delivered a healthy baby boy at a Liverpool hospital, thanks to her ...

Infants Shouldn't Sleep in Car Seats, Study Says

Don't let your infant sleep in the car seat. Credit: andycarvin, Flickr
Parents who think an infant car seat is a good place for their baby to nap at home should think again -- a new study shows that the devices can lower oxygen levels in 20 perc...


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