How to help the medicine go down

In the very early hours of Monday morning, Ellie woke up in pain. It seems that after a week of sniffles and coughing, she had developed an ear infection. I tried my best to make her comfortable enough to get through the night, but it wasn't happenin...

Take care of yourself

I know, I know, I know--we've heard it all before. Take care of yourself. Do something nice for yourself. think about you for a change. As parents we are constantly reminded of these suggestions, but do any of us ever really take them seriously? I ...

Have baby: Will travel...keeping it in the family

I hate to admit this but this trip has made me so tired that last night I went to bed before my grandparents. They're both 77 years old. When I went to sleep it was still light outside. I've never before experienced anything quite like it, and I fe...

Parent vs. Parent: Why we chose not to medicate our son

Susan Wagner has already written beautifully about her son Henry and their family's decision to medicate Henry, first for ADHD, and then later for anxiety. And I cannot disagree with anything she has to say. I think the operative sentence in her post...

Cartoon prescription bottle is "your worst nightmare"

Cartoons make any subject kid friendly, or so it seems. Sunday March, 19 marks the beginning of National Poison Prevention Week. To "celebrate" a cartoon prescription bottle is being dispatched to remind parents of the dangers of leaving pr...

CDC warns parents of medication mishaps

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says about 53,500 children age 4 and under are treated at U.S. hospitals for accidental medication exposure. Most kids were 1 or 2 years old at the time and three-quarters of the accidents happened at home. They...


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