Opinion: Isn't It Time Women Stopped Calling Each Other 'Bitch?'

Women are super. So, why do we call each other names? Illustration by Dori Hartley Yesterday, a friend casually mentioned a conversation she and her 9-year-old niece had shared. Apparently, the little girl was concerned with the way sh...Do you really want your daughters to sound like Snookie?

Girls Who Menstruate Early Can Suffer (Duh!) Depression

If you think periods are depressing as an adult, think how you'd feel if you were younger than 12. Credit: Getty
Hmm, how to put this delicately? Aunt Flo is in town.
Scarlett is returning to Tara. The Red Army is marching south. Th...
Bloating, cramping and bleeding before age 12 is depressing? Stop the presses!

Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon: Parents Get Help Talking Puberty, Sex With Daughters

Nervous about the puberty and sex talk? Get professional help. Credit: Getty Images
Who can forget talking about the birds and the bees with Mom and Dad? Or maybe that topic was too taboo for your parents to even touch. Chances are if they ...
When it comes to the sex and puberty talk, many of today's mothers want to do better with their own daughters than their parents did with them.

Coming of Age Ceremonies Transform 'The Curse' Into a Celebration Embracing Womanhood

The Brave Heart Society believes that the transition to womanhood is something to be celebrated. Courtesy of The Brave Heart Society
Remember when the onset of your first period was a clandestine event marked by "the talk?" Your mom marched you...
Remember when getting your period was a mortifying event? Not anymore. A group of South Dakota women have revived and reinvented a centuries-old ritual that celebrates a girl's entrance into womanhood.

Sex Ed: When Is the Right Time to Have 'The Talk'?

A good friend told me the best parenting advice she ever got: Your child will let you know what she is ready for. So, don't buy her a bike for her birthday if she hasn't asked for one; wait until she expresses a desire for a bike, then buy the bi...

Bad dads cause early puberty

Research has shown that girls who get their period earlier on are at higher risk of breast cancer, depression and teen pregnancy. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to reaching puberty earlier, including obesity, nutrition, and exposure t...

Early puberty - how to help them through it

Science may not have figured out exactly what causes some girls to hit puberty early, but experts are working on how to help those girls get through it. It is well established that girls who experience early onset puberty often struggle with behavior...

What causes early puberty?

I know several women, including my daughter Christy, who hit puberty before the age of ten. Breast development is considered the first sign of the onset of puberty, but lord knows it isn't the only one. Besides menstruation, the hormonal effects of p...

Tampon holder with an upbeat attitude (and no flowers or butterflies!)

It's a cold, hard fact for parents of girls: some day you'll be dealing with menstruation and how you handle the situation will greatly affect how your daughter feels about the process. Instead of treating it as "The Curse" or something embarrassin...

Teaching the facts of life

A few days ago, When my friend Jenn told me she was pregnant with her third child, I was really excited and couldn't wait to tell Ellie. Jenn's oldest daughter and Ellie play together almost daily and I knew that she would be excited as well. Before ...

American girls reaching puberty sooner than ever

From Yahoo!  Research in recent years indicate that the age most American girls reach puberty is on the decline.  The average age girls have their first menstrual period is 12.5, down from 12.75 in the 1960s. The reason for the dec...


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