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ERs Attract Kids With Mental Problems

A number of emergency room visits are for mental reasons. Credit: Corbis
Give kids access to mental health services, and they still bring their psychological problems to the emergency room.
The Wall Street Journal reports researcher...
At least 71 percent of the kids who came to the E.R. with psychological problems already had their own mental health provider.

School Officials Often React Poorly to Student Suicides, Experts Say

The outpouring of grief over a suicide could be seen as glorifying the person who completed suicide, which may cause other teens to think they want all that attention. Credit: MTC
When a teenager commits suicide, schools usually be...
The outpouring of grief over a student suicide could be seen as glorifying the person who completed suicide, which may cause other teens to think they want all that attention.

Kids With ADHD Face More Learning Disabilities and Other Woes, Study Says

Two-thirds of U.S. kids with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from other conditions. Credit: Getty If your child has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, he or she may face more struggles, as researchers are ...Two-thirds of American children with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from learning disabilities and anxiety.

Traumatic Childhood? Welcome to the (Really Big) Club

Say "ohm." Relax. You're not alone when it comes to carrying mental baggage. Credit: Getty Here's a bit of news to perk up your holiday spirits: The majority of people out there are as messed up as you are. A survey by the Cente...
You may be messed up, but you're not alone.

Kids of Wartime Military Parents Face Heightened Emotional Trauma

Deployment is stressful for military kids. Credit: Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images
There are the obvious psychological issues children face when Mom and Dad leave home for work or travel. But for young kids whose parents are deployed overseas fig...
War may be even more stressful on the children of soldiers than previously thought.

Strange but True: Unloving, Abusive Parents Mess Up Their Kids

Kids with abusive parents have emotional problems. Shocking. Credit: Getty Images
This just in! Being raised by abusive, uncaring and dysfunctional parents messes you up more than being raised by Ozzie and Harriet. Strange but true. How do ...
Kids raised by parents who beat them and told them they were no good and would never amount to anything had some emotional problems. The kids with loving, supportive parents felt a lot better about themselves.

Breastfeeding Longer Could Prevent Mental Health Problems

Breastfeeding isn't always easy. In fact, for some women it can be one of the most difficult and stressful challenges of coping with a newborn. But mounting evidence suggests that it's a challenge worth facing, and that resources aimed at helping wom...

Your Sleep-Deprived Teen Could Be At Risk For Depression

It's no secret that teenagers like to stay up late. In households across Canada this very night, there will no doubt be arguments over when the lights (and the computer, the TV, the iPod and the phone) should get turned off. But according to a rece...

Study Shows Prevelance of Mental Disorders Among American Kids

The numbers may seem surprising: A new study finds that about 13 percent of American kids have at least one mental disorder (including ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and conduct disorder), but only half of those kids are getting trea...

War and Economy Take Toll on Kids' Mental Health

Military children suffer through war and recession. Photo:
According to the Pentagon, 2003 saw about one million children of U.S. military troops seek outpatient mental care. By 2008, that number had doubled. What happened in those fives ...

Depression Linked to Bedtimes

Does your teen have a bedtime? Photo: husin.sani/Flickr
My eight-year-old has had a bad case of teen envy for quite some time. In addition to the fun-filled and exciting lives she is convinced they lead, she thinks that the best part of being ...

Cartoon bunny attempts suicide, real-life children follow suit

(Click the photo to see the Top 10 Children's Books on Life Changing Subjects) A 12-year-old from Shanghai tragically committed suicide this week -- but one bookstore isn't blaming bad parents, exam pressure, or playgrounds bullies. Instead they're...

Abortion and depression

Is there a link between having an aboriton and depression, or other psychological maladies? According to the American Psychological Association, not if a woman has only had one abortion. In a report that came out last Wednesday, women who have one...

Traumatic birth may put moms at risk for PTSD

Childbirth is no walk in the park, that's for sure. But for a majority of women, the experience is a positive one. We made need a little time to let the memory of painful contractions fade or for stitches to heal, but the rewards definitely outweigh ...

Second Time Around: Crazy Olfactory Cravings

I can't explain it, but instead of avoiding strong smells like I did in my previous pregnancy, I am LOVING odors. Especially toxic odors. Paint, gas, freshly lit cigarettes -- the list goes on. A visit to the hardware store makes me intoxicated as I ...


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