Swedish Parents Fight to Name Son Q

Should parents be allowed to name their kids whatever they please? Image:
If you are a James Bond fan, the name Q may sound familiar. In the Bond movies, Q is the head of the Q Branch, the research and development division of the British S...

Sweden lightens up on weird baby name ban

(Top 12 Most Awful Baby Names Ever) For a country that seems a tad uptight when it comes to unusual baby names, Sweden sure has a lot of parents pushing the envelope. Elvis, Superman, Google and Lego are just a few examples of parents going for s...

Women fight to take back natural childbirth

Is natural childbirth going the way of the dinosaur? Ask many new moms and a lot of doctors and midwives, and you may be surprised to find the answer is yes. Between increasing costs at hospitals, liability and the demand by insurance companies fo...

Have baby: Will travel...on the road, again

Well, it's just after 5:00 AM on Saturday and I am ready to get back into action. After a near nervous breakdown trying to reassemble the pack and play and a quick (albeit gigantic) burrito from Chipotle, which totally hit the spot, we went to bed...

Metallica drummer Lars to be new Dad

I grew up in a small town filled with giant hairsprayed bangs and El Caminos, mullets and chainsmokers and I loved Metallica with my entire wannabe-rocker heart. I loved them so much that, when the ill-fated Metallica documentary came out a few years...


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