Chefs Declare Assault on Chicken Nuggets and Other School Lunches

America's public schools have problems, but they're really in for it now. They just wiped the smile off Rachael Ray's face. This could mean war. Events turned dangerously un-perky this week as the celebrity chef joined forces with her culinar...

Michelle Obama Kicks Off Summer Exercise Series

Michelle Obama wants to get kids moving. Credit: Olivier Douliery, MCT
WASHINGTON (AP) - First lady Michelle Obama didn't just talk. She moved, too. After announcing plans for a summer of activity on the South Lawn to encourage kids to exercis...

Child Tells First Lady Her Mother Lacks 'Papers'

Students asked the first lady tough questions. Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP
SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - First lady Michelle Obama faced a tough, personal immigration question from a Maryland second-grader Wednesday when she visited an eleme...

12-Year-Old Ballerina Asks First Lady Michelle Obama for Help

Kaylani Parks hopes the First Lady will answer her letter. Credit: Regina Castillo
A 12-year-old ballet prodigy dreams of being the first African-Asian American prima ballerina, and, with a spot waiting for her at the prestigious Dance Theatre...

Michelle Obama Releases Childhood Obesity Recommendations

The first lady has made childhood obesity her top priority. Credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP
WASHINGTON (AP) - A government panel says women could help reduce childhood obesity by maintaining a healthy weight when they become pregnant and b...

Michelle Obama Welcomes Staffers' Kids to the White House

The first lady greeted children of executive branch staffers. Credit: Win McNamee, Getty Images
First lady Michelle Obama talked puppies, parenting and iPods at the White House yesterday when she welcomed about 200 children of executive branch st...

This is How We Roll: Kids Hit White House Lawn for Easter Egg Roll

President Obama interacts with children during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn April 5. Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images
President Obama hosted the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C. today, but pushing...

Kids' Health Is All Talk, Not Enough Action

It is frustrating to read or hear the latest reports on kids' health in North America, since it doesn't actually seem to change. When I look back to the research even 20 years ago, kids were becoming overweight and it was recommended they eat healthi...

Broadway and Toys Trip Trump Health Care Debate for Michelle Obama and Daughters

Michelle Obama exits the theater after seeing the musical "Memphis." Credit: Seth Wenig, AP
It was a ladies-only outing in New York on Sunday as Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, took in a Broadway ...

Minority Kids at Risk for Obesity Even Before Birth, Study Says

Family income, cultural customs and beliefs are all factors that put minority kids at risk for obesity -- before they even leave the womb.
According to the Associated Press, researchers looked at more than a dozen circumstances that can increa...

Vampires, Robots, Obamas: All Nickelodeon Award Nominees

Kevin James is set to host Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards next month. Credit: Nickelodeon
Vampires, monsters and robots, oh my! Luckily, they won't mind a little green slime. The nominees for this year's Kids Choice Awards will add a little ...

ParentDish's Top Celebrity Eco-Moms

We hear stories nearly every day about celebrity moms dressing their kids in organic clothes, driving hybrid cars and using cloth diapers. And while we agree that every little bit helps, we can't help but do the happy dance when we see celeb moms...

First Lady Helps Marines Bring In Toys For Older Kids

Michelle Obama delivers donations to the Marine Toys for Tots warehouse December 16, 2009, in Stafford, Va. Credit: Alex Wong, Getty Images
Speaking of "the few, the proud" ... U.S. Marines told first lady Michelle Obama this week th...

Obama Has Perfect Attendance at Parent-Teacher Conferences

The first family. Credit: AP
A lot of fathers would attend their children's parent-teacher conferences, but gosh darn it, things are just so busy at work these days. There are two girls who attend Sidwell FriendsSchool in Washington, D.C., whose ...

First Lady Gets Sweaty for Healthy Kids Fair; We Likey

First lady Michelle Obama hosted the Healthy Kids Fair at the White House yesterday to promote good eating habits and exercise among children.
Obama took part in the day's activities by showing off her athletic prowess in a round of Double Du...


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