Catherine Zeta Jones, migraine benefits and misguided crushes - Links we love

Although she considers herself "pretty easygoing," even Catherine Zeta Jones has her limits. Find out how her kids know when they've crossed the line. -- Celebrity Baby Blog Here's one piece of good news for those ladies who suffer from migraines....

No stripes or spots for Swedish pre-schoolers

Besides my impatience, stubbornness, and an irrational fear of even mild confrontation, I hope Nolan also does not inherit my migraines. They are lesser now than they were when I was a child, and I started getting them when I was just a few years old...

Do kids mimic their parent's pain?

I can still remember the pounding nausea of the migraines I got in my childhood. I remember my Mom's cool hand on my head after I'd vomited viciously, relentlessly, in a dark, silent room that was still too painfully loud and bright for my indescriba...

Being obsese may exacerbate headaches in kids, experts say

Children who suffer from migraine headaches are 36 percent more likely to be overweight, according to a new study to be presented this week at the annual meeting of the American Headache Society in Los Angeles. Investigators at the Cincinnati Childre...

When mommy has another migraine

A nationwide survey recently revealed that 68% of all migraine sufferers would rather sit through a root canal than experience a migraine. Of those surveyed, nearly two-thirds admitted worrying about their next migraine, even when they felt no sympto...

Children with migraines

When I was a little girl I was plagued with migraines.  I remember them vividly, the indescribable pain and the mind-numbing nausea.  I spent so many school days immobile in my dark bedroom with a cool cloth on my forehead and a bucket besi...


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