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3 Military Homecoming Videos to Melt Your Heart

You'd be hard-pressed to find videos more heart-warming than those featuring troops returning home from duty. In honor of Military Family Week, ParentDish rounded-up three moments that remind us what our soldiers are fighting for -- and why we should...In honor of Military Family Week, these homecoming videos will have you reaching for the Kleenex.

Operation Shower Honors Military Moms-to-Be With Caring and Compassion

Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms. Courtesy of Operation Shower When Nora Robles' son Rafael was 5 days old, she was invited to attend a baby shower in her honor -- and that of 37 other military m...Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms.

Military Families With Young Kids Face Mounting Child Care Challenges, Study Finds

Military families struggle with early child care, a new survey finds. Credit: Getty It's one thing for most working parents to try to orchestrate child care from 9 to 5, but imagine dealing with the nanny coming down with the flu and o...Juggling the work/family balance requires the skills of a military strategist.

Kids of Wartime Military Parents Face Heightened Emotional Trauma

Deployment is stressful for military kids. Credit: Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images
There are the obvious psychological issues children face when Mom and Dad leave home for work or travel. But for young kids whose parents are deployed overseas fig...
War may be even more stressful on the children of soldiers than previously thought.

War and Economy Take Toll on Kids' Mental Health

Military children suffer through war and recession. Photo:
According to the Pentagon, 2003 saw about one million children of U.S. military troops seek outpatient mental care. By 2008, that number had doubled. What happened in those fives ...

Plan to help military kids ease into new schools

For military families, packing up and moving is a way of life. For children in these families, that means changing schools an average of six to nine times between kindergarten and 12th grade. Those kids must not only adjust to constantly being the ne...


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