Operation Shower Honors Military Moms-to-Be With Caring and Compassion

Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms. Courtesy of Operation Shower When Nora Robles' son Rafael was 5 days old, she was invited to attend a baby shower in her honor -- and that of 37 other military m...Operation Shower has hosted baby showers for more than 500 military moms.

Military Families With Young Kids Face Mounting Child Care Challenges, Study Finds

Military families struggle with early child care, a new survey finds. Credit: Getty It's one thing for most working parents to try to orchestrate child care from 9 to 5, but imagine dealing with the nanny coming down with the flu and o...Juggling the work/family balance requires the skills of a military strategist.

Amazing Kid: Brianna Cart

Amazing Kid Brianna Cart sends care packages to soldiers serving overseas. Credit: Maryanne VanBurger
Amazing Kid: Brianna Cart Age: 16 Grade: 11th Home Town: Owego, N.Y. School: Homeschooled Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow She...
Brianna Cart sends care packages to soldiers serving overseas.

Kids of Wartime Military Parents Face Heightened Emotional Trauma

Deployment is stressful for military kids. Credit: Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images
There are the obvious psychological issues children face when Mom and Dad leave home for work or travel. But for young kids whose parents are deployed overseas fig...
War may be even more stressful on the children of soldiers than previously thought.

Discharge, Not Court-Martial, for Single Army Mom

Alexis Hutchinson with her son Kamani. Credit: Alexis Hutchinson / AP A single Army mom who refused to follow her unit to Afghanistan because she had no one to care for her infant son will be discharged from the military, but not cou...

Military Kids Face Emotional Challenges as Deployments Grow, Study Shows

Stress is an unavoidable part of life for military kids, especially while a parent is deployed in a war zone. A study published this month in the journal "Pediatrics" is the first to comprehensively explore the emotional and academic impact of h...

Michelle Obama pledges to help working families and military families

This should come as no surprise given that her husband ran on not only the Democratic but also the Working Families ticket, but Michelle Obama wants to help working families and military families. As part of her duties as First Lady, Michelle sees th...

Kids with deployed parents struggle with behavior issues

More than 2 million American kids have at least one parent who is serving in the military overseas, and one recent study indicates that kids as young as 3 years old are exhibiting signs of behavioral problems related to their parents' absence. Res...

Homeland Security high school coming to Delaware

In a move reminiscent of the Hitler-Jugend, planning is underway for the Delaware Academy for Public Safety and Security, a charter high school in Wilmington that will take as many as six hundred inner-city youths and train them to become part of the...

Dad calls from Iraq, son gets suspended

Master Sgt. Morris Hill is serving his country in Iraq, a long way away from his beloved sons back in Texas. Luckily, these days, we have the means for people on opposite sides of the planet to talk to each other in real time, almost without regard t...

Sesame Street addresses deployment

When an emotionally upsetting event occurs, schools bring in counselors to help get kids talking about what they are feeling. But for children not yet in school, Sesame Street has been an excellent way to help preschoolers and their parents broach se...

Birthday girl gets a man

Even though she was only turning seven years old, young Amber Birdsall wanted just one thing for her birthday -- a man. Of course, it wasn't just any man she was after, it was her stepfather, a United States Army soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay, ...

U.S. military proposes plan to help school transitions

Growing up, I lived in the same house in the same city and went to school with the same people from kindergarten to high school graduation. Because the schools were lined up next to each other, I didn't even have to worry about changing the path on w...

A special moment before shipping out

I imagine it must be very difficult to be a parent in the military and be deployed overseas away from your kids. I can understand that some parents might want to do something special before they ship out. Captain Dave Perry had something planned -- s...

When children can't tell

Suppose you were gay. And, suppose you wanted to serve your country by enlisting in the military to protect it. Currently, you'd have to not mention the former in order to do the latter. It's idiotic, I know, ("You know, I used to feel that way too u...


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