milk allergies 

Prescription for Milk Allergies? Baked Goods

Cooked milk, baked into muffins, could wipe out milk allergies in children faster than just avoiding milk products entirely. Credit: Getty Not all cures and remedies taste yucky, kids. For instance, you know what might help you get o...Researchers find Muffin Connection that may help kids overcome milk allergies.

Milk Allergies Might Be More Stubborn Than Experts Thought, Study Says

Studies indicate it may take longer for kids to outgrow milk allergies than experts originally thought. Credit: Getty Images
Kids are supposed to outgrow milk allergies by the time they are 3 or 4 years old.
Some kids, however, didn...
It may take some kids longer to kick milk allergy.

What do you substitute for milk?

I knew pretty early that Nolan had a milk allergy. He seemed agitated when I drank a lot of the stuff when I was breastfeeding him, and I had my suspicions based on a line of lactose intolerance on my Mom's side of the family. Tentatively, I gave him...


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