Miscarriage Mourning Lingers, Even After a Healthy Baby is Born, Study Shows

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Sadness from a miscarriage can last a lifetime. Credit: Getty Images
The grief following a miscarriage or stillborn is a loss that can lead to anxiety and depression, but researchers are now dis...
The grief following a miscarriage loss can lead to prolonged psychological distress even after mothers deliver healthy babies.

Lisa Ling: I Felt Like a Failure After Miscarriage

After being pregnant for nine weeks, she was told that her baby had no heartbeat. Credit: Getty Images
NEW YORK (AP) - Journalist Lisa Ling says she felt like a "complete failure" after suffering a miscarriage six months ago. Ling, who appeare...
Ling appeared on "The View" on Tuesday to talk about her experience with miscarriage.

Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Second Child

Josh and Anna are expecting baby no. 2! Credit: Scott Enlow, TLC When the Duggars, one of America's most beloved supersized families, expands, the news is well, huge. Today Josh Duggar and his wife Anna announced that they ar...When the Duggars, one of America's most beloved supersized families, expands, the news is well, huge.

No Need to Delay Getting Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage, Study Says

Study shows there's no need to wait Credit: Getty Images
Having a miscarriage can be emotionally devastating -- perhaps even more so for women who don't already have children -- and many doctors recommend taking a break before trying to concei...

Could a 'Reckless' Miscarriage be Murder? Utah Bill Might Make it So

If you're in a motorcycle accident while you're pregnant, should you be charged with murder if you have a miscarriage? Riding a motorcycle could be riskier than driving your father's Oldsmobile. But are you a murderer? That's the center of a ...

Pollution Could Increase Risk of Miscarriage, New Study Shows

There could be a link between high levels of pollution and miscarriage, according to new research. Experts found that levels of pollution just above the "safe" amount could increase the risk of miscarriage. The study was carried out by the University...

After Nine Miscarriages, Woman Welcomes Healthy Son

An experimental fertility treatment allowed a British woman to become a mom. Credit: Jupiterimages
A British nurse who suffered 17 years of heartbreaking miscarriages finally delivered a healthy baby boy at a Liverpool hospital, thanks to her ...

Pro-Choice Women Taken to Task Over Miscarriage Grief

Women who support the right to choose have no right to grieve for pregnancies that end in miscarriage -- so says a Momlogic guest blogger named Gina, who takes pro-lifers to task for their "hysterics" over first-trimester pregnancy loss. Gina asse...

Pregnancy 2, electric boogaloo

Well, if there is one thing I have to say about the second round of pregnancy, it's that those digital pregnancy tests really work. I mean, they're accurate. Say what you will about the faint blue line, but when I forked over what seemed like a ki...

Caffeine linked to miscarriages

A new study links caffeine consumption with increased rate of miscarriage. Just two cups of coffee--or 200 milligrams--per day was found to double the rate of miscarriage. In addition to that, the study found that women who consumed less than 200 ...

Lily Allen suffers miscarriage

Singer Lily Allen who just a month ago joyously announced her pregnancy has reportedly suffered a miscarriage. According to statistics, one out of five pregnancies ends in miscarriage, sometimes so early on that the woman didn't even realize she was ...

Pam Anderson is pregnant

Pamela Anderson, as famous for her myriad marriages as her stints in Playboy and on Baywatch, is pregnant. Or, so claims celebrity new site TMZ. Pam, who has two children from former husband rocker Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, is claiming she is preg...

Nancy Kerrigan expecting her third child

Remember Nancy Kerrigan? The Olympic figure skater with the bashed knee and the Mickey Mouse intolerance? She's going to be a mom again for the third time! After suffering six miscarriages while trying to to conceive her second child, Kerrigan and he...

Miscarriage means triplets

This has got to have been one heck of an emotional roller-coaster of a pregnancy. Beverley Cunningham, at age forty, was giving it a go to have one last child before she was too old. So naturally, she was devastated when doctors told her she'd had a ...

Did Pam Anderson lie about having a miscarriage?

It would be a real shame if that were true. Not so long ago I wrote a post on a news piece I read stating Pamela Anderson had suffered a miscarriage during her brief four-month marriage to Kid Rock. Her publicist later confirmed it. I naively thou...


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