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Kids' Fashion: New Lines from Gucci, Miss America and Crayola Vans

Vans Colored by Crayola? Yes, please. Credit: Journeys.com
When it comes to your kids' clothes, whether you lean toward the latest extravagant designer brand, prefer to kick it old school with the skateboard set or feel in tune with "Toddlers...

Miss America pageant gets a Reality (show) check

When I was a little girl growing up rural farmland, the Miss America pageant was just......amazing. The dresses, the special way the contestants walked and waved, the hair (!) and makeup, every one of the young women looked and acted so different tha...

Miss America offers a kid-safe browsing system

Like a modern-day Wonder Woman, reigning Miss America Lauren Nelson is using tiara power to fight the forces of evil on the internet. As a young girl at a sleep-over, Nelson and her friends entered an internet chat room and conversed with a stranger...

Wyoming mom is new Mrs. America

While the nation's Miss Teen American contestants are worrying about whether or not citizens have enough maps, their older sisters have been competing for another crown -- the Mrs. America award. To me, this seems like an excuse for vain women with d...

Miss America pageant moves to The Learning Channel

As a boy I learned a lot from the Miss America pageant -- notably, what a pretty lady looked like in a bikini. Watching the show later in life, now as the father of a daughter, I've learned about how ridiculous it is to have grown women to parading a...

Miss USA helps cops nab sex predator

Do you ever wonder what Miss USA does all year while she's "reigning" over all the other Misses in the country? I figured it was a busy schedule of opening shopping malls and/or hiding your excessive partying antics, but apparently this year's beauty...

Are youth pageants a prodcutive road to stardom?

The youth beauty pageant industry is a booming one. All over the Untied States mothers routinely scrub the dirt from underneath their little girl's fingernails, dress them in a cute, frilly outfit and have them sing, dance and act in front of a panel...

Miss America gets MADD

Miss America 2006, Jennifer Berry, is to be the new national spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  In her role, Berry will be promoting her platform "Building Intolerance to Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking" -- ost...


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