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Missing Boys Found Safe After Woman Recognizes Them From Facebook Posting

A woman found two missing boys because of facebook post. Cerdit: Getty Images Facebook has been proven to have the power to reunite long, lost loves, forgotten friends and family scattered across the world. But missing children with th...Boys ran away from home, but woman spotted them after seeing Facebook post.

Parent of Abducted Child Releases CD to Help Others

A portion of the proceeds from George Transcender's "Songs for Parents of Missing Children" will go the the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Credit: Transcenderarts.net When singer and songwriter George Transcender's...Father hopes CD sales will help families of missing children.

Comcast Introduces Missing Kids On Demand

All parents who have ever lost sight of their child, even for a split second when he disappears at the mall, playground or grocery store, can collectively applaud that we've come a long way since putting pictures of missing children on milk carto...Comcast launches Missing Kids On Demand, allowing customers to scroll through case information.

Facebook 'Friends' Missing Children by Posting Amber Alerts

Facebook users may now sign up to receive Amber Alerts. Credit: Nicholas Kamm, AFP, Getty Images When a child disappears, there ought to be a way to alert people. Amber Alerts go out to TV and radio stations and are posted on high...Facebook now includes the faces of missing children.

All-Seeing Eye of the IRS Might Help Spot Missing Children

The great and powerful IRS knows and sees all. And, if not, it certainly has eyes ... everywhere. Surprisingly, few people take comfort in that. However, the oh-so-creepy omnipresence of the IRS might help find missing children. S...You can escape justice, but you can't escape the IRS.

IRS Withholds Critical Data in Missing Children Cases

Colin McNally ages an image of a girl taken by a relative at 4. She would now be 17. Credit: Daniel Rosenbaum, The New York Times / Redux Imagine the horror of having your child abducted by your spouse in the midst of a c...The Internal Revenue Service has data that could help custodial parents locate their missing children, yet the agency refuses to release that information due to severely restrictive taxpayer privacy laws, The New York Times reports.

Keep Your Child Safe from Kidnapping

Shannon Lea Dedrick was a seven-month-old Florida baby who went missing for five days in the fall of 2009 before she was discovered under her babysitter's bed. Though Shannon was returned unharmed, the statistics surrounding the discovery of missi...

Klaas Kids

In 1994, Marc Klaas founded Klaas Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping crimes against children. He formed the organization as a way to honor and crate a legacy for his daughter, 12-year-old Polly Klaas, who was kidnapped from her Pet...

Jaycee's Story Gives Hope to Mom of Missing Boy

Jerry and Patty Wetterling hold a photo of their kidnapped son, Jacob. Credit: Craig Lassig, AP
A Minnesota mother whose son was abducted by gunpoint in 1989 says that the return of kidnapping victim Jaycee Dugard is a beacon of hope for all p...

Shoppers miss missing girl

A Florida television station, in an attempt to help raise awareness of missing children, performed an experiment at a local shopping mall. The station posted signs with a picture of a missing girl by the entrance to the mall and then had the girl -- ...

Screensaver to help find missing kids

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children knows that the more people who see pictures of missing children, the more likely they are to be found. To that end, they have put missing children's faces on everything from milk cartons to direc...

May 25th is National Missing Children's Day

When Adam Walsh disappeared in 1981, Florida law enforcement officials weren't prepared to search for him. Missing children had only just begun to make national headlines back then and organizations dedicated to searching for them were mostly nonexis...

"Have you seen me?" mailers to be larger and in color

You know those little cards you get in the mail with missing children on one side and some sort of advertisement on the other? Do you ever really study the faces of these missing children to see if one might look familiar? The idea that someone is mi...

Big rigs are the new milk cartons

Washington state will be plastering large posters of missing children on tractor-trailer rigs, hoping that the exposure on interstate freeways in and out of the state might spark recognition with commuters and other travellers. Other states, like Con...


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