10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Craig Kielburger became famous when, at only twelve years old, he founded a charitable organization to fight child exploitation called Free the Children. Since its humble beginnings in the Kielburger family home in 1995, Free the Children has develop...

Are You Your Child's Role Model?

Should parents strive for perfection? Photo: sxc.hu
As a child, were you ever told "Do as I say, not as I do?" That little saying is intended to get parents off the hook for any less-than-perfect behavior and dissuade kids from mimicking said beh...

Extra squeaky clean

Showering the kids in the morning is a pain in the tuckus. I have to get them in there, wash their hair, wash their bodies, make sure they brush their teeth, and so on. For Sara, I also have to put conditioner in her hair and comb out the tangles. So...

Fox's five mistakes of new parents

Fox News has a list of common mistakes that new parents make. It seems an odd hodge-podge of issues, but it's something to take under advisement. Mistake number two centers on the use of "fancy baby products" at bathtime, leading to the unintentional...

Five mistakes parents make

CNN has posted a list of five mistakes parents make with their newborns. Personally, I'm surprised they only came up with five. I know I made a lot more than that; heck, I've probably made at least that many different mistakes already today. Frankly,...


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